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  1. tinindian

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from right down the road in Woodbridge.
  2. tinindian

    Jobsite Assault Vehicle

    I do not have an answer for your question, but I applaud your spirit! Sounds like some great projects.
  3. tinindian

    Northern Virginia meet up?

    I'd be interested
  4. tinindian

    Glovebox Door

    I went to hardware store and bought a couple of small hinges to fix mine.
  5. tinindian

    11th Bombardment Squadron 1930's pix

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  6. tinindian

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    I'm in Prince William county
  7. tinindian

    H-60 Recovery.... No tow bar required.

    Great work! That was some extensive damage.
  8. tinindian

    Hello from VA

    I believe they closed that store.
  9. tinindian

    Hello from VA

    Hello from Woodbridge; a hop, skip, and a jump down the road.
  10. tinindian

    Bought A Tank

    Does anyone know the correct camo pattern for my tank? How hard will it be to convert to 12 volts?
  11. tinindian

    surplus helicopters?

    I spotted that Marine HH34 at Manassas airport last week. Nice looking bird!
  12. tinindian

    What’s your favorite Aviation/Airplane book?

    The Blonde Knight is one of my favorite boks. I think that a movie about Hartmann's life would amazing. I do not think it will ever happen because of the reluctance to show a German Officer in good light.
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