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  1. TomTime

    steering wheel bolt size...

    —> Suicide knob <—
  2. TomTime

    BATTERY DISCONN dash warning light

    The pics were just to show there is the same connection/plug on the old and the new. Yeah, I clean and checked it a few years ago when I got the truck just to get the truck running and Leaning the truck. When I change over to two batteries I will be deleting it. I’m not paying $500 + for a new...
  3. TomTime

    BATTERY DISCONN dash warning light

    That same plug is on the old one. Taking it apart to clean and check everything. Cleaned and checked. Cleaned and Reassembled.
  4. TomTime

    Adding Cruise Control to C7

    Guys, maybe send him a PM.
  5. TomTime

    Aluminum wheels

    Hey, I really don't know if this will be of any help, but when I was looking for lug nuts a couple years ago, for the steel wheels for my M1083A1, I contacted (Tifco Industries) They were a big help and was able to hook me up with new lug nuts. They may be able to help you with the...
  6. TomTime

    CTIS pressure settings increase - no programming, transducer, or module required.

    My 2002, M1083A1, came from GovPlanet. From what I can see from the evidence that was in the truck, and it's condition of the truck, it mostly came directly from the military, so no previous civilian owner that I can see. The CTIS was disconnected when I received it. Once I got the truck...
  7. TomTime

    LMTV self cancelling turn signal adjustment

    @CallMeColt did a great video, like always(!), and has it in the video how to adjust the turn signal. It starts at 5:14 and goes to 7:35 As always, thanks Colt! It also written out at the top of this thread., thanks to @Andyrv6av8r
  8. TomTime

    Blown tire need pneumatic bottle jack suggestion

    Was just kidding around! You beat me to the punch in telling. Hopefully members got them!
  9. TomTime

    Blown tire need pneumatic bottle jack suggestion

    😮 There you go. Shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody! Order them quickly, I’m sure they’ll go fast at that price!
  10. TomTime

    Blown tire need pneumatic bottle jack suggestion

    Nope. Purchased them. I had been looking for awhile, but I wasn't paying someone $120 plus for a $20 (max) item. I finally found them for under 20 dollars + shipping. 🤫
  11. TomTime

    Blown tire need pneumatic bottle jack suggestion

    You may also want to consider a saddle jack for the top of the jack to keep the jack lug from slipping off of the axle. Just a suggestion. I have two, one for each of my 20 ton air jacks from HF. They work great. I wanted them because my driveway is at a slight negative grade and want to make...
  12. TomTime

    M1079 window upgrade (small window van)

    Yeah, what Keith said above ^.
  13. TomTime

    Transport Humvee Texas to Ct

    Try, @unitedstatesoffreight
  14. TomTime


    Now that’s funny :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::LOL::LOL: !!!
  15. TomTime

    Remote start

    …mmm, unless you have a coolant or engine oil heater !? :p
  16. TomTime

    Info Prior to Purchase an M1078

    Oh, you naughty 👿 boy. 🤪
  17. TomTime

    Bogie maintenance

    Yep, they're a PITA!!!
  18. TomTime

    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Considering the good condition of the rest of the undercarriage of the truck, the shaft may have been a used replacement. If the shaft had been removed or was replaced I would check the shaft to be sure it is in operational condition. Check that the universal joints are good and that the shaft...
  19. TomTime

    Containerized Trailer - Lincoln Nebraska to Nashville TN

    Try, @unitedstatesoffreight
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