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  1. KsM715

    M998 pulling m105 modified

    With scale even lol
  2. KsM715

    Pinion brakes

    So are you putting them on in addition to the drum brakes or you going pinion only? I'm curious why people would want them at all. I guess I understand that off road the are up out of the mud and water but then at the same time you have less braking power and a lot more mass to slow down per...
  3. KsM715

    F-111 Aardvark (General Dynamics)

    Dang, I've been away from this site too long. I truley miss the days of driving to work around the flight line and sitting ( waiting to pass around the far end of the runway) and watching these Planes taxi into position and then getting to watch them take off. ( RAF Upper Heyford '92-till...
  4. KsM715

    New Forum Member - Ex-MOD Land Rover Defender 110 Tithonus

    Thank you. I'll keep this mind. I'm in no position right now to even think about buying anything. Hope you stick around as I may contact you if I get the chance. ( I was stationed in the U.K. In the early 90's and now kicking myself for not buying one while I was there and getting uncle same to...
  5. KsM715

    New Forum Member - Ex-MOD Land Rover Defender 110 Tithonus

    Did you import the LR or did you buy it from an importer there on the east coast? I keep looking at those ex-mod rovers online over the pond but don't know how hard or costly it would be to bring one over. My dad taught me how to drive a stick back in the mid 80's in his old series II. I'd love...
  6. KsM715

    Help identify this picture, please...

    That's a two stroke snowmobile engine. Why would the seller of a HMMWV send that unless it was by accident. If he is joking around I'd probably walk away from that deal
  7. KsM715

    Humvee used as practice by Warthog

    I've said it before....... I'd rather see our stuff used as target practice for our team than left over there or even "given" to our so called "friends" only to be abandoned on the battlefield at the first sign of trouble
  8. KsM715

    Questions about dually to single?

    You guys realize this thread is from 2012. That being said, I had a flat on one of the inner tires about 150 miles from home years ago when I was driving my deuce home from Oklahoma. Since I was unloaded I just kept going watching the mirror for any signs of trouble. Got it home and was able...
  9. KsM715

    Font and size of lettering

    We used what ever stencils we had on hand with very little regard size accuracy. If you want to be as accurate as possible the way it was done in the motor pool then just go to staples and get at least 3 different size stencils approximately 1" but not exactly 1" and mix them all together.
  10. KsM715

    Dually conversion done simple on the cheap.

    Wheel mounting surface.
  11. KsM715

    Dually conversion done simple on the cheap.

    I can't even begin to comprehend how much leverage would be on the lugs trying to hold a spacer big enough to fit between two standard rims
  12. KsM715

    British CVRT Spartan APC

    I had know idea what you were talking about until I looked at the OP's post again very closely. On my IPad I can not read anything but the first sentence. The other paragraphs I can't even see other than a very faint grey shadow
  13. KsM715

    Dually conversion done simple on the cheap.

    No way to do it cheap AND safe.
  14. KsM715

    Almost lost the front Wheel, check your Lug Nuts!

    All of us need a reminder every once in a while why these checks are important. This just happened yesterday.
  15. KsM715

    What does this lever do in my M1088?

    Are you sure about this? Does it apply more braking power above what the foot pedal applies? Or does it apply the trailer brakes without using the foot pedal in the truck? That way you can lock the trailer brakes to hold the trailer in place while you're hooking up or dropping the trailer. Or...
  16. KsM715

    Broke axle

    I can't help you with the stuck parts however, I am curious, does this truck still have both rear axles? If so do both have air lockers that are tied together? Or is the truck bobbed? Just wondering why you had to drive out in front wheel drive? With the air locker couldn't you just engage the...
  17. KsM715

    What is this lever for?

    I agree. It looks like an electrical switch. The fuel selector lever is longer. I am curious about that truck having a second tank. The op says it has a selector lever for that. It should have two, one for the fuel lines and one for the fuel gauge. ( if who ever added the second tank did it...
  18. KsM715

    Help cucv 6 lug rear axle

    Where did you get the truck from? Straight from the government or from a private individual?
  19. KsM715

    What is this USMC trailer, and it's use?

    Pictures of inside the boxes show something that looks like antenna masts would would be stacked on.
  20. KsM715

    Military Tail Lights

    Did it to my Jeep a few years ago. It's easy. Change the bulbs with the ones that are listed in the link above and if I can find it there is a chart that will tell you which wire on the military light will correspond with the tail light, turn/brake and so on my Jeep...
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