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  1. Menaces Nemesis

    Why is a Deuce and 1/2 called this ?

    Testify Bus-Boy!
  2. Menaces Nemesis

    Pricing for Troop Seats for bobbed M35A2/3

    Hey y'all been awhile since I've posted. Sold my "Little Black Truck" Bobbed M35A2. Buyer didn't want the fitted-for-bobber fiberglass troop seats, headache rack, risers and bows (I don't have the cover). All afformetioned parts are painted flat black. Any idea what a fair price for the set...
  3. Menaces Nemesis

    My Little Black Truck (Deuce ****)

    My theory about the typical, short length of ownership is this... Most people buy M35's primarily because they find them to be "Big and Cool", which they are. However, especially in stock form, these trucks offer little-to-no comfort. Not too long after purchase, the romance fades as the buyer...
  4. Menaces Nemesis

    Cylinder Liner broken pieces in oil pan

    Very sorry to hear that... From what I remember, seems most agree that it's better to just replace the engine, as little bits may have been pumped through the oil and can find their way into other components, as well as the unknown mechanical stresses that other components may have been exposed...
  5. Menaces Nemesis

    Whistler Turbo Equivalent Parts

    Don't have experience with that one, I'd give the folks in the second link a call and ask them (gpopshop)
  6. Menaces Nemesis

    Whistler Turbo Equivalent Parts

    This is what you need for the Schwitzer "Whistler"... (Poland) or... Used to get...
  7. Menaces Nemesis

    Deuce Brakes

    And, IIRC, if the Master Cylinder rod doesn't have enough free play travel, then it can't vent the pressure when the brakes are released, through that little hole, back into the reservoir.
  8. Menaces Nemesis

    Pulling front hub problem

    Wow! that seems odd. If you've tried the spaced-out cap with all 6 bolts torqued to 75'lbs+ and it's not moving, maybe try tapping the bearing, where the nut makes contact, with a punch to see if that will loosen it up. I've seen on other vehicles where the brake shoes wore a trough into the...
  9. Menaces Nemesis

    Pulling front hub problem

    Check my post again if that doesn't work, I added a few more ideas.
  10. Menaces Nemesis

    Pulling front hub problem

    If you're sure the drum spins freely and isn't hanging up on the shoes (in which case you'd want to back the shoes off) try putting something down inside the spline cap, like a nut or two, so the nut(s) would hit the end of the spindle shaft before the cap flange contacted the drum, then use the...
  11. Menaces Nemesis

    Hard Fuel Line Leak at Hydraulic Head

    It'll seem pretty obvious when you're doing it, but it's easier if you revove the lines from front (toward the L. fender) to back (toward the engine) and reinstall in reverse order. An 11/16 flare nut wrench can be very helpful to remove/install the line nuts without rounding them (I've got a...
  12. Menaces Nemesis

    Making a deuce a reliable daily driver? Help make a to-do list?

    I've seen lots of new parts that were bad right out of the box... Could y'all explain to me how a used wheel bearing that's properly packed, geometrically correct, shows no sign of heat, galling, etc., just "fails" all of a sudden? And how is the out-of-the-box, yet to be field tested, new...
  13. Menaces Nemesis

    Making a deuce a reliable daily driver? Help make a to-do list?

    Can't remember who said it, maybe M35 Tom, but the point was made that you've got to thoroughly PMCS the truck in a way that you lay your hands and eyes on every single inch of the truck, every light socket, every contact, every inch of line, check every bearing, seal, spring and fastener...
  14. Menaces Nemesis

    M35a2 head gasket blown concerns

    Kinda puttin the cart before the horse, with a bunch of vagueries... Multifuels, with their 22:1 compression ratio, are known to be hard on head gaskets, especially the old-style weep-tab type. Could just be you had an old set of gaskets that just reached the end of their lifecycle. Make sure to...
  15. Menaces Nemesis

    How not to treat your deuce

    Im thinkin probly more like homo-sapien sushi, with an earthy, dry-rub seasoning
  16. Menaces Nemesis

    Uh oh! Confirm my fears or lift my spirits

    Sorry to hear that. While you've got everything apart it's much easier and a great time to do some not-so-expensive things like a flame-heater delete, modern starter, getting yourself a $100 pop-tester and tuning the injectors (link to the needed adapter here...
  17. Menaces Nemesis

    Uh oh! Confirm my fears or lift my spirits

    Looks just like mine did before I replaced the head gaskets, which is the same way lots and lots of otherwise perfectly functioning multifuels do. Taken from one of my recent posts... "This is often called "wetting the block". Multifuels are known for doing this, lotsa folks drive deuces that...
  18. Menaces Nemesis

    Head Gasket Repair

    I figure them engineer folks call out specific torque values for a reason, I'd use the calculator to get the proper torque...
  19. Menaces Nemesis

    Head Gasket Repair

    Negatory on the spray... From what I understand with the new-style gaskets, you want the surfaces clean and dry so the freshly mill-marked surface of the heads can "bite", emboss, and hold onto the gasket, and you want to get every spec of the old gasket, carbon, oil, etc, off every square...
  20. Menaces Nemesis

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Congrats! Enjoy! :)
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