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  1. WWIILBird

    Optical Landing System (OLS) - Information needed

    I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I’d like to get the wave off lights working as the final touch. The trailer lights and hand brake work well. It’s definitely a conversation piece and Aviation man cave or hanger piece.
  2. WWIILBird

    Optical Landing System (OLS) - Information needed

    I purchased a surplus optical landing system mounted on a trailer. This is used for aircraft carrier landing practice and I'm trying to find an operating manual and hand held control unit referred to as a "pickle". Also would anyone know how to use this unit and have a lead on the hand held...
  3. WWIILBird

    Official DENTON, NC Buy Sell Trade Thread 2023

    Looking to buy two Humvee antenna bases and whip antennas to mount on my Humvee. I’ll be there Saturday morning.
  4. WWIILBird

    Official DENTON NC 2023 April 21-23

    Planning to attend for the first time. Where could I get more info on the helicopter rides. Is it first come or can I pre-book?
  5. WWIILBird

    Ambulance rear doors

    I looked for years to find a complete ambulance body. Doors always seemed to be missing. I recently listed my Humvee in the classified section.
  6. WWIILBird

    Behr Paint Code - Home Depot Update 2019

    My black came out nice. They recommended a thinner that was in a quart bottle that looked like milk which I mixed into the paint and sprayed using an HVLP gun. Very easy. Paint was a bit pricey around $45 a gallon. I used two on my deuce.
  7. WWIILBird

    Behr Paint Code - Home Depot Update 2019

    I'd like to to buy black 37030 from Home Depot, is there any update on what I should be telling the paint person on how to look up the code with their new paint code system? Also anyone have recommended thinning process for an HVLP sprayer?
  8. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    Humvee camo Ambulance top new $250
  9. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I found more parts and supplies I'll have available at the show on Friday. I have taken a vendor spot somewhere to the left of the entrance. I have mostly Humvee parts with a few Deuce parts thrown in. Also found some unopened gallon cans of paint in various colors. I'll be flying a teal...
  10. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    More parts I have a Draw-Tite frame hitch if anyone could use it $50, I have this same one mounted on my Duece. Also have a motorcycle stand used a couple of times for my Harley before I sold my bike- $30. I will be at Gilbert Friday if interested.
  11. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    Green divider, Softop, and armored grill sold pending funds
  12. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I have some document storage books and metal container, new Max Tool Kit, Deuce filters and upper stack, a carb from either a mule or generator, humvee slant back cargo top pull straps, and other humvee parts
  13. WWIILBird

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I have a bunch of Humvee parts if anyone needs some. Complete Airlift Bumper, Complete new tan Breton top, four doors, rear curtain, cargo cover. I also have the frames that go underneath B and C pillars. Used ignition key with one key. Turret seat.
  14. WWIILBird

    So I was at the Airshow

    What airshow was this? Nice shot of the C-47
  15. WWIILBird

    April 27 & 28, 2019: MTA Military Vehicle Show & Swap Meet (Augusta, NJ)

    I have the following I can bring if anyone wants them. All items are used take-off unless noted: Humvee tires on rims- good spare tires $100 each Humvee soft top roof bows - 2 brand new $100 each Humvee low back drivers seat complete with cushions - take out - $100 Humvee armored hood - damage...
  16. WWIILBird

    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    Resurrecting this post as my wipers function fine but every time I turn off my wipers they park themselves at 12 O'clock in my line of sight. M1078A1 truck. All wiper speeds seem to work fine including intermittent. I'm still searching the TM's to find what might be causing them to park...
  17. WWIILBird

    Jack's Government Surplus

    Just dealt with Jack Martin the last couple of weeks, what a super nice guy. He sure has a lot of stuff. I especially liked the Coast Guard helicopters he has lined up in one of his yards.
  18. WWIILBird

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    SF97 finally arrived via FedEx today. Purchased in August.
  19. WWIILBird

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    PHasty, why not stop selling units until the kinks are worked out? Why continue selling and keeping people hanging for months and many phone calls leading to incredible frustration on our part as well as your staffs if you folks know the process isn't working. All it's doing is reputational...
  20. WWIILBird

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Humvee 1045a2 bought 8/22/18 EUC cleared three weeks later. First time GP purchase. Still no SF97. Many calls and many "it's being processed waiting on Marine Corp". Many times told we'll contact title department and get back to you. They never do. Latest quote was should have it by 12/21. I'm...
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