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  1. Nonotagain

    What should a MEP-002a / MEP-003a be worth?

    Time for me to liquidate some of my stuff as I approach retirement and a move south. I've got a MEP-003 unit with 7 hours of run time. This unit has the oil pressure gauge mounted on the front not the side because it was off of a laundry unit. Asking $2,500. This is not a rebuilt unit but...
  2. Nonotagain

    Patracy's "SEMTT"

    Try these guys. I purchase a fair amount of stuff from them.
  3. Nonotagain

    Won a M85-100 today. Gary Caines, where are you

    The trailer, model M1061 is rated for hauling 5 tons. They're too heavy for most uses. I parted out a laundry unit a few years back. The washer door, casing and perforated tub are stainless steel. The dryer, only the perforated tub is stainless. Water heater provided its complete is...
  4. Nonotagain

    855 Liner problems

    Good luck with doing an in frame rebuild. The older Cummins 250 engines used a heavier piston than late model versions. Unless you find someone that has the older parts, you'll have to replace all 6 liners and pistons.
  5. Nonotagain

    318 to 360 swap

    I hope that you used the balancer and torque converter from the 360, as the 360 is an external balanced engine. Thermo-quads have issues with being warped causing fuel and vacuum leaks. Long time MOPAR racer..
  6. Nonotagain

    Repairing Jerry can Holes/Leaks Help

    I purchase my flux at one of the large weld supply houses. In my case, Earl Beck Welding. Airco should also have a flux available.
  7. Nonotagain

    Repairing Jerry can Holes/Leaks Help

    If you encountered problems silver soldering, I'll ask what if anything were you using for a flux? I've fixed quite a few Jerry cans as well as Blitz cans that had pin holes along the seams. A wire brush and Handy Harmon Handi-flux has always worked. I use an oxygen acetylene torch with a...
  8. Nonotagain

    M101a2 surge brake innards?

    Never seen a drawing as the majority of the parts are spec controlled. Other than the wear parts, they're throw away.
  9. Nonotagain

    Refrigerated Container with Trailer

    There should be three ports, one low pressure, one high pressure and a third for another valve that sometimes gets monitored. The low pressure port is the one used to fill the system. If the system were operational, the low pressure line would be cold during operation. Rule of thumb for...
  10. Nonotagain

    Refrigerated Container with Trailer

    I'm not a refrigeration mechanic, but I play one on my own equipment. R12 gets much colder than R134a does. Duct temperatures for R12 get to almost 32 degrees F, while 134a only gets into the low 40's. 134a also requires a higher operating pressure than does R12. It's close enough for Union...
  11. Nonotagain

    new from MD

    If you can get the truck towed for $450, you better jump on that. I'd imagine that the fuel bill would be close to $200. Not sure if any of the Maine trailer registration companies can do anything for you, but I'd check before making a drive around the DC Beltway to get to I-270. Too many...
  12. Nonotagain

    carc paint

    I've worked in the DOD world with Mil-spec paints for almost 30 years. The amount of dis-information on the contents and hazards associated with their application and removal still boggles my mind. CARC (chemical agent resistant coatings) are polyurethane coatings that are modified with...
  13. Nonotagain

    1/12/13 Breakfast in Eldersburg, Maryland

    Just show up and you'll receive a warm welcome. Robert, ill be there.
  14. Nonotagain

    What exactly is an EUC for?

    The EUC Is not the formal transfer of ownership, its the governments way of of placing a restriction on your disposal of property so that they know whom is purchasing items typically restricted to US sales only. EUC items can be exported provided that the proper export paperwork is approved...
  15. Nonotagain

    Canadian buying from GL questions

    With the M939 series trucks being sold not requiring an End Use Certificate, GL couldn't care who they are sold to. The issue that you as a Canadian are going to have is that GL will not process the paper work for the SF-97 until the vehicle is removed from their lot. This process can take...
  16. Nonotagain

    reselling same item??

    You know that this trailer is going to require a wide load permit everywhere you take it? Maximum width without a permit is 102 inches, and the M172 is listed at 115 inche wide. It's not uncommon for a piece of equipment that's been defaulted on to show up at a dater date.
  17. Nonotagain

    Fun in snow...

    You need a USMC M923 or M925 truck with Detriot lockers. ARB's require air which can be a problem if the lines freeze, and they will freeze. KISS Forget attempting adding CTIS to your truck and just purchase an A2 series vehicle. The truck with 14.00x20 or 395X20 tires will out pull the NDCC...
  18. Nonotagain

    belarus-coastal artillery tractor?

    I like this video much better. I watched it a couple of times before I decided the driver was nuts.
  19. Nonotagain

    RV Hauler

    You probably already know this, but an M916a2 is going to be gear bound limiting top speed to 58-62 mph, and that's sporting 395x20 tires. You would have to modify the trailer for the taller tires. I'd look for an International 4x4 power-line quad cab truck and convert it. Years back you could...
  20. Nonotagain

    New truck and a stuck brake! M923

    Lubricate the BRAKE wedges on all of the wheels with a good high temperature grease and adjust all of the brakes. Most of these trucks sat for a long time before being sold off. If you had to apply the brakes hard, you may have pushed one of the wedges into a position that was heavily rusted...
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