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  1. Gunzy

    M1082 trailer manual, anyone got it in PDF?

    Who might I be able to send the PDF file for the TM to so they can upload it?
  2. Gunzy

    M1082 trailer manual, anyone got it in PDF?

    I have the TM on my computer but I am not sure how to share or load here to the TM section. In a previous comment on this post it was stated that these trailers have CTIS. That is incorrect. They have CTIS valves on the wheels but are capped and only there so they may be interchanged with the...
  3. Gunzy

    HEMTT Hook Lift Swap

    You may check with a local NG or Reserve unit and ask if you can inspect one of theirs. Of course they will be operating A4s so the T-case position may be different due to the Cat engine and 7 spd Allison in them.
  4. Gunzy

    Looking for M1074 A/C TM

    I am looking for a digital copy/PDF of the M1074/1075 A/C installation TM. TB 9-2320-364-13&P-1 If anyone can help me out without having to sign up, or supply a CC number that would be great. Thanks for any help.
  5. Gunzy

    Got a HEMMT today!

    I guess technically my M985 would be an R1 too as it went through a "0" reset program at Oshkosh in 2001 where is was rebuilt as a "New", 0 miles truck with warranty.
  6. Gunzy

    Got a HEMMT today!

    Mustangsud, sent you a PM.
  7. Gunzy

    Got a HEMMT today!

    Sweet. I know the A2 has the DDEC-IV engine and the 5 speed auto, but what does the R1 denote?
  8. Gunzy

    5 ton and 10 ton dump bed covers interchangeable?

    They are 10 tons. Here is the link to Oshkosh's product sheet.
  9. Gunzy

    What trailers are appropriate for the 7 Ton?

    Backing the M105 behind an MTVR would be interesting. I used one behind my HEMTT and hated it. I upgraded to an M1082 FMTVT unit and it is much easier to back. If you are looking for a cargo trailer it may be the best or an M1095 for the MTVR. Just my opinion, you mileage may vary.....
  10. Gunzy

    What wheels are these?

    I have a friend that has installed them on an M813. They should be tapered on both sides of the lug nut holes.
  11. Gunzy

    M1070 HET Speed Improvement

    Has anyone looked at doing away with the planetaries in all the hubs and going to a direct drive? I would think that would increase speed albeit at the cost of low end torque.
  12. Gunzy

    M35A3 bead lock suggestions

    That is not a bead lock I removed there. That is a runflat and isn't the same as a bead lock. Bead locks are just a rubber or rubber/metal piece that forces the tire bead against the rim and will not allow it to slide in under low air pressures. Weight of a bead lock can be from 5-10 lbs. The...
  13. Gunzy

    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    As an owner/driver of a HEMTT M985 it is weird to me to watch that articulate.
  14. Gunzy

    M989A1 build

    If you have a truck (P/U or such) that has a receiver on the front I would think it would be easier to maneuver those trailers by pushing and having direct sight and steering right at hitch point. Never tried but I think the logic stands.
  15. Gunzy

    Greaseable polyurethane sway bar bushings

    Awesomeness, Sent you a message about getting some M1082 bushings.
  16. Gunzy

    My HEMTT doing a little light work

    Ya, Ben Lomond peak is pretty identifiable as a Utah mountain. And the basis for the Paramount pictures logo.
  17. Gunzy

    My HEMTT doing a little light work

    Here is a video on my HEMTT doing some light work. So I submit for your viewing pleasure.
  18. Gunzy

    FMTV center troop seats

    Does anyone have a picture and information regarding the rear center troop seats? I am picking up 2 NOS kits that are listed as "Troop Seats, center" for FMTV. Part # 57K2092 NSN 5240-01-560-4317. I can't seem to find any pictures or info other than the manufacturer and GP pictures of item. Any...
  19. Gunzy

    Identify help.

    You location in Ozona tells me those are definitely flying out of Laughlin AFB by Del Rio. I was stationed there for 3 1/2 years a long time before the T-6. I worked T37s and T38s.
  20. Gunzy

    HEMTT Lockup Solenoid

    I can't help with the diagram but I do know they have a different operation than most. Mine locks in all gears but also has to unlock before shift. So if you watch the tach for RPM changes it will appear to have 12 shifts. That is in a trans that is up to temp. That Allison doesn't like to shift...
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