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  1. wreckerman893

    M105, general idea on value?

    I remember buying them from Government Liquidation dirt cheap. They would sell two of the 3/4 ton trailers and one of the M105's as a package deal. I scrapped a bunch of them when scrap was high a few years ago because I couldn't sell them for scrap value. They are too big to be pulled by a...
  2. wreckerman893


    What he said. They are not super rare but they are hard to come by. If it is in any kind of decent shape I'd preserve it and buy a cargo truck.
  3. wreckerman893

    Should i add dominator trak system to humvee?

    As my old redneck buddy use to say "it's your dog and you can whoop it if you want to." If you have the money to buy those tracks and to repair any damage incurred while using them go for it. I drove HUMVEE's in the Army. You could not run fast enough to give me one. They were designed by a team...
  4. wreckerman893

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    I have the one inch "Earthquake" from Harbor Fright. I bought it when I was taking the body off a firetruck I bought. It is a stud duck at ripping big stuck nuts and bolts loose. It will even do lug nuts that have been on a while. The down side is the battery charger and spare battery are sold...
  5. wreckerman893

    How long is too long to let sit!

    In the military (or at least the Army) vehicles were started at least once a week (called Motor Stables) and each piece of equipment was given a Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) inspection. All fluid levels were checked and the engine was allowed to reach operation temp...
  6. wreckerman893

    What am I looking at?

    Could have been a prototype that some weapons monger was trying to peddle to the gooberment.
  7. wreckerman893

    Trick, functional jake brake grenade shifter

    Let us say that the first guard that saw it had a low threshold for excitement. He had me empty my pockets and he started doing an extra through search of the cab while calling for a supervisor on his talkie. The sergeant that came out was an ex-military guy and knew it was a dummy. He...
  8. wreckerman893

    Trick, functional jake brake grenade shifter

    One of my early deuces had an old dummy pineapple style grenade on the shifter. It's all fun and games until you try to enter a military instillation. Ask me how I know. o_O
  9. wreckerman893

    Towing a M105a2 w/ civilian Pick Up ?

    I pulled an MKT with a 3/4 ton pickup a few hundred miles. For those not familiar that is a Mobile Kitchen Trailer that uses the M-105 frame. I used the offset hitch thingy with a pintle hitch to make it ride level Even without trailer brakes I had no trouble stopping but I always left plenty...
  10. wreckerman893

    MISSION COMPLETED: On the road, moving to Springfield Arkansas

    Looks like a diamond in the rough. I've lived in worse.
  11. wreckerman893

    MISSION COMPLETED: On the road, moving to Springfield Arkansas

    I used to go to Alma, Arkansas frequently when I was a truck driver. The Ozarks are a lot like the mountains here in Alabama. It is the only place I ever considered moving to from Bama. Hope you and yours have good fortune there.
  12. wreckerman893

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I'm still trying to process this. I'm back in school and for the last two days I have been in a funk. I told my instructor what happened and he said to take it easy and go back to work when I feel like it. This evening I was putt putting around on the tractor moving hay for the Boss Lady and...
  13. wreckerman893

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    Last night after I got the horrifying and sad news about Rod I was pretty upset. The Boss Lady's niece is visiting us and has a four month old baby boy that I adore. His mother asked me to hold him while she took a shower and we watched utube videos and I sang to him (I know, I know....sing so...
  14. wreckerman893

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell all of you that knew Ron personally that he passed away from his injuries. A good friend of his and fellow SS member is with Ron's family now. Please continue to remember them in your thoughts and prayers...
  15. wreckerman893

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I just got word that Ron, username 73m819, was in a serious accident while driving a PLS truck tonight. Wes Simpson, username Simp5782, was behind him and came up on the accident after it happened. This occured in VA or West VA enroute back to Memphis prob on I-81. Jeff Davis related this sad...
  16. wreckerman893

    Official 2018 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 17-21, 2018

    It was good to see old friends and meet some new ones at the rally today. I missed the last two rallys and all my buddies. Many thanks to all the folks that bought stuff from me to help finance my trip. Other than an unsuccessful attempt to possumnap Elmo D. Possum it was a great day. The guilty...
  17. wreckerman893

    2018 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    I'm bringing the ARFAB tent and some other misc. items. Como netting is spoken for.Tent is complete with frame, connecting poles, end curtains and carrying bag. This is the same type tent that the rally uses for a dining tent.800 bucks.Two sets of metal mudflaps off 5 ton cargo trucks. They...
  18. wreckerman893

    2018 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    I have a ARFAB tent (like the ones used for the Mess Tent at the rally). I've offered it to Clinto for 800 bucks to use for the rally.....if he passes it will be for sale and I'll bring it to the rally. I also have a set of military camo netting (diamonds and hexes and poles/spreaders and...
  19. wreckerman893

    Help Identify this Building Mover MV

    It's called a"Dragging Wagon". Used to haul tanks and other heavy equipment. They were chain drive and very slow on the road.
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