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  1. jasonjc

    Help in western Arkansas?

    i'm about an hour and a half north of her but don't know anything about 1009's.
  2. jasonjc

    R.I.P. - David "MWMULES" Christenberry

    Very sorry to hear of this. He will be missed. Rest in peace.
  3. jasonjc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - May VOTE HERE!

    Boy it was a tuff choice to make this time around. All great looking trucks!!!!!
  4. jasonjc

    Is an M548 Really Amphibious?

    Because it makes them lots of money!!!
  5. jasonjc

    M35a2 and COMBATT relocating again!

    Can't help with moving the trucks but you will be close to me when you move.
  6. jasonjc

    M35A2 project

    Well I've been slacking lately but , I've stated to get the front axle back together so I can move it out of my way.
  7. jasonjc

    Harbor Freight/Northern Tool welders???

    I was that 18 year!!!! A few dozen years ago.:cool:
  8. jasonjc

    Outer Windshield Frame Repair M35, M800, M900 Series and older 5 Tons

    I think it would be easier to cut it all out and put in just one new piece of metal back in. But nothing I do ever turns out easy :rolleyes: .
  9. jasonjc

    C7 intake grid heater voltage drop. Normal?

    Can't speak for the c7, but the 6.7cummins in our bus at work, will pull the volts down like that or more and we have 320 amp alt with 3 group 31 batteries.
  10. jasonjc

    Found this website for light bulbs…

    Yes $20 for 30 bulb's .
  11. jasonjc

    Found this website for light bulbs…

    You can get all those at Oreillys $19.67 for 10 of ea same day.
  12. jasonjc

    SS Rally in Oklahoma Area

    the KAMO rally, Kansas-Arkansas-Missouri-Oklahoma
  13. jasonjc

    Accidental boost with NHC250?

    Most will know it as "23699" use in just about every thing turbine in the military.
  14. jasonjc

    M36A2 Deuce, any hints before I purchase it?

    Mine has a one piece 3 color vinyl cover that's starting to show it's age. But I think I have a new tan and 3 color covers in the shed.
  15. jasonjc

    M36A2 Deuce, any hints before I purchase it?

    That's not an M36A2 , unless someone cut it down all ready.
  16. jasonjc

    M35 rocker panel repair

    Good to know.
  17. jasonjc

    M35 rocker panel repair

    M939 has a bigger cab. Its wider and the doors are longer I think.
  18. jasonjc

    Searching for Bolts
  19. jasonjc

    NAPA Crossover refererence

    1251 is a good part number that will work any were. $7.89 for a box of 10 at O'Reilly's.
  20. jasonjc

    M35 rocker panel repair

    That would be my fault guess I can't read ops:oops:
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