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  1. pad_cdr

    Help identifying special tools

    I'm cleaning out the garage and found these special tools that I fished out of a dumpster at a National Guard base that had just turned in its M60 tanks. Guessing they are armored vehicle related, but not sure. Anyone know what they are? Hammer included as a size reference.
  2. pad_cdr

    Clothing repair shop, trailer mounted

    I went to annual training back in 1983, and there was an S&T company out of Chicago there with one. They never had a chance to use the sewing machines, because they could not get any thread. I stopped at the PC, but them some thread, and they were so happy! Their own officers were so lame...
  3. pad_cdr

    Which states does GL send a title to instead of the SF-97

    In Iowa. I used to get the SF97 from GSA auctions five years ago, and that worked. From GL, I got a Florida title four years ago on my m35a2, last year when I bought my m818, they switched to an Arizona title.
  4. pad_cdr

    deuce / 6x6 learning....

    You might be better off looking in the classified section on this site than on ebay. Not sure which vehicle you are looking at, but $10k is high for many of them.
  5. pad_cdr

    what 5 ton do i want

    One thing I have wondered about is future maintenance on the newer five tons. Yes, they offer a lot of options, but I have to wonder how expensive repairing an automatic transmission or some of the other newer tech will be five years from now, compared to my m818.
  6. pad_cdr

    M818 price?

    It all depends on condition. If the truck is ready to run, has good tires, the lights work, brakes work and don't lock up, glass is OK, flids all good, no critters that have been eating anything important it sounds like a decent price. If you need tires and other work, then it might not be a...
  7. pad_cdr

    5-ton rims and Goodyear MVT

    Just wondered if you had tried searching the site yet. I think this is a fairly common topic. If you can't get results from the steel soldiers search, then try google.
  8. pad_cdr

    New guy outta East Texas

    Welcome from a former 45b
  9. pad_cdr

    Another new member of the 5 ton club..M923A2

    I read this on another post, but never got around to trying it. Let's see if this works. If you move your cursor around on the screen, at some point it will change from a pointing finger to an arrow. On the first picture, it did this on the driver side bumper. If you do a save as, it saves the...
  10. pad_cdr

    New guy from Houston Area

    Welcome -- you'll find lots of informaion on the site to help you.
  11. pad_cdr

    Hy everybody, from Italy

    Welcome Luka, I look forward to hearing about collecting and maintaining military vehicles in Italy.
  12. pad_cdr

    New Member - England.

  13. pad_cdr

    1984 USAF International

    Nice truck with lots of potential.
  14. pad_cdr

    Super Cool Ambulance

    I had the same ambulance body on my J20 Air Force jeep ambulance -- it is handy -- watch out for leaks where the curved cab roof meets the flat body roof.
  15. pad_cdr

    What did you do with your M105 trailer frame, after stealing the bed for your bob?

    Looks awesome, would like one out front next to the flag pole.
  16. pad_cdr

    Anyone seen a halftrack with an automatic transmission installed?

    Good luck with the conversion -- are you looking for a full automatic (I'm thinking like in a car) or something more along the line of clutch free, hand operated shifting? It would be interesting to see the faces at DMV if you go to get handicapped plates for it :-)
  17. pad_cdr

    Duel fuel line mod M818 855 cummins

    Great pictures. For those of us (or maybe just me) who are less knowlegable about diesel engines, where are the fuel lines running to and from, and what are the advantages of doing this?
  18. pad_cdr

    M151A2's Finally Home

    Great find -- I'd like to pick up an M151 of some sort, spend lots of time driving them in Germany, but need to educate myself more. Seems like the prices vary widely on them, and I can't always figure out why.
  19. pad_cdr

    Germany to Italia

    I was in Schweinfurt from 1976 to 1979. Stationed at Ledwood barracks - an old Panzer base.
  20. pad_cdr

    Germany to Italia

    I saw plenty of Germany from a military truck when I was stationed there in the 1970s. Plan on going back again some time, but I'd have to think about whether or not I'd want to tour again via a nice slow military truck, or get something that woudl really take advantage of the Autobahn
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