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  1. elvis presley

    M37 Gun Truck Details

    I'm aware of the evolution of gun trucks and jeeps. Looking for some photos that show the interior of any M37 gun truck regardless of who put them together.
  2. elvis presley

    M37 Gun Truck Details

    I apologize as I know this has been asked before: I'm in the process of creating both an M151 and an M37 gun truck and really need some details about the interior layout of the gun box of an up-fitted M37. I've looked through the previous applicable posts, but didn't see a picture that really...
  3. elvis presley

    1954 M37 Dodge Gun Truck Ammo Box Questions

    Does it have any openings or hinged covers or ???
  4. elvis presley

    M151 Gun Jeeps

    Howdy! I'm looking for pictures and details of the interior of MUTT gun jeeps built during the Vietnam War. If you have any engineering details on the gun box, added armor for windshield, underbody protection, radio(s), antenna(s) and gun mount(s), technical drawings, photos, or even names of...
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