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  1. gringeltaube

    ID request for broken component

    No worries.... 1) The T-case's (static) oil level is way below that point. 2) Everything that keeps the oil inside the TC (while in motion), is still there. Take a look at this diagram: Parts 7 & 8, as well as most of the adapter itself are still in place. There is a small oil seal fitted...
  2. gringeltaube

    ID request for broken component

    Careful what you buy: besides replacing the cable, what you also need is a new "speedometer drive adapter" for the TC. (TM9-2320-361-34P, Fig. 326) What Eastern is showing in the pictures is actually the tachometer drive, which mounts on the front of the engine. Two different things.... Even...
  3. gringeltaube

    Got the truck moved...

    Nice video!(y)
  4. gringeltaube

    M35a3 tire removal from rim

    Patience and squirt soapy water where the prybar opens the gap. Just keep going all around, prying every 2-3 inches, it will pop up eventually.
  5. gringeltaube

    Wheel cylinders in M35's
  6. gringeltaube

    Anti friction tire substance… Medical Ultrasound Gel???

    Absolutely, yes.......! Anyone trying to re-invent the wheel by using alternative substances for said purpose should at least read "Point 2 - Prior Art" in the attached PDF-file...
  7. gringeltaube

    Can't prime fuel lines.

    Safety first! You sure had a large pan placed underneath your tank, to catch up to 80 gallons of diesel right...? You were very lucky: normally, fuel tanks are pressure tested at 5psi maximum. 100 psi is more than enough to cause any fuel tank to permanently deform and most likely, crack open...
  8. gringeltaube

    M809 series transfer case stuck in neutral

    Not on the linkage; it's on the TC shift shaft itself.
  9. gringeltaube

    Multifuel Head stud Thread pitch

    It's 9/16 UNC (12 TPI)
  10. gringeltaube

    Parting out M123a1c

    If "up for grabs" means parts are free for the taking then this thread will be moved over to the "Pay-it-Forward" section. Please let us know.
  11. gringeltaube

    Question about frame/ rail bumper extension

    Exact dimensions are here....
  12. gringeltaube

    Does anyone know the length of the m35a2 frame rail?

    Almost.... If the frame LOA - WITH rear bumperettes attached - actually measures 264.8" and the bumper length is 11.02", then the frame rails should be 253.78" (6.45m). As a side note: the M44 series frame rail height is 8 inches, not 9.
  13. gringeltaube

    Does anyone know the length of the m35a2 frame rail?

    I never measured/drew every single detail of the entire frame. Still, these files may help you... (?)
  14. gringeltaube

    New member from Wales UK , Clutch slipping

    Yes. The entire gearbox (with clutch bell housing attached) comes out after just unbolting the jackshaft from the transmission output flange. Of course, if you remove that shaft entirely it will be even easier.
  15. gringeltaube

    Ospho go bad?

    The second.... Phosphoric acid in a bottle (any % dilution) will last forever, even if not hermetically sealed.
  16. gringeltaube

    Mraps on the front

    Post an ad in the Parts-Wanted section, please....
  17. gringeltaube

    Power steering conversion?

    Correct, they don't.... And we are talking about (eventually) using the power steering components shown in the OP's picture, to be installed in a Deuce. To that my answer is: .... Possible: yes. Practical: not at all! BTW, that engine is the stock NHC-250 small cam, in an early model...
  18. gringeltaube

    Deuce heading to the Museum

    That's a great looking, all original truck! Sure deserves to be preserved as such, and what better storage (and resting) place than a climatized museum!? We need to see more pics, once everything is set up, there!
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