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  1. GT4U

    Looking for Hercules Swap Kit Pictures

    Does anyone have pictures of a Hercules swap kit made by MARS? Looking for pictures of an uninstalled kit but pictures of an installed one might work too.
  2. GT4U

    V126 Pictures

    The closest thing I can find:
  3. GT4U

    V126 Pictures

    Does anyone have pictures of the V126? I can't seem to find any out there...
  4. GT4U

    MV Parts Store HMMWV Style Rims

    I recently came across a post on the MV Parts Store social media claiming that they are making HMMWV style rims for the M37, but the link they provided is dead. Does anyone know how much they are charging for them? Oh and here's a video they made about them:
  5. GT4U

    Fuel Tank Condition

    That's a lot of rust! My fuel tank wasn't that bad rust wise, but the baffles fell out of it.
  6. GT4U

    M37 Engine Swap with M151 Engine

    Any engine swap suggestions besides the usual suspects (3-53 and 4bt)?
  7. GT4U

    Try not to laugh but !

    There's a Ferret in the for sale section right now....
  8. GT4U

    M37 Engine Swap with M151 Engine

    What about an SD33 Diesel? Would it fit?
  9. GT4U

    Mutt Multifuel Engine Information

    Recently I saw this listing on ebay and was wondering if anyone had more information on it.
  10. GT4U

    M37 Engine Swap with M151 Engine

    So recently I started to dismantle my T245 in my truck, it runs, but has lots of blow-by and looks pretty sad. My question is could I put a turbo on a M151 engine and install it in my truck (the turbo is to try and make up the hp difference).
  11. GT4U

    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Personally I use an Ender 3 (v1, the v2 hadn't came out when I bought mine), it works great for just about anything I can throw at it. Also instead of trying to 3d print metal parts I would recommend casting the 3d printed part, it is a lot cheaper to do.
  12. GT4U

    My Diesel M37

    Did you have to do a front lift or anything to the M37? Considering a 353 swap but not sure if I'm up for it yet....
  13. GT4U

    Electric M37

    How much does this setup cost? I'd be interested in looking into it with current gas prices...
  14. GT4U

    My Diesel M37

    Just saw this.... Another 3-53 swapped M37
  15. GT4U

    20 Inch rims for a m37

    I too would be interested (thought it seems I'm a little late to the party...)
  16. GT4U

    Dreaming up an M37 build...

    What about using an m43 ambulance? It would be longer and still retain the look of an m37...
  17. GT4U

    Dead Pilot's M36a2 Build

  18. GT4U

    Is this military? Interesting brush guard

    The grille looks to be off a WC...
  19. GT4U

    9x20s on m37

    I was talking about custom rims, but currently thinking of modifying some deuce wheels.
  20. GT4U

    9x20s on m37

    I have seen 20" rims for the m37, can you use 9x20s with the stock suspension?
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