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  1. eme411

    WTB distributor complete

    pm sent
  2. eme411

    A neglected v 100

    can you send me some photos please,
  3. eme411

    A neglected v 100

    thanks for the info but we want the OE one,
  4. eme411

    A neglected v 100

    did your original engine still have the distributor? we are missing ours and looking for NOS or good used,
  5. eme411

    WTB distributor complete

    for V-100 , NOS or good used , also NOS distributor cap and rotor,
  6. eme411


    yes but not Oshawa, the stuff is for CFB Borden Museum, not one of the runners has a intercom system, I need to do APC's and Leo's to start and we have a pile of stuff coming that will also need it , we are just hunting through the supply system and the RCEME school to see what is lying around ...
  7. eme411


    as stated I need all the different lengths, from 1/4 ton to MBT
  8. eme411


    looking for CX-4723VRC cables , all lengths, also C-2298 crew boxes
  9. eme411

    Scrap yard woes (**RANT**) - what's your advice?

    I know the yard and the trucks , that yard is packed with stuff for a reason, all his prices are like a phone number, try Glen in Carlton Place , he has a few ML's there and may sell the bits you want, don't expect anyone to sell the wheels out from under a truck, they do pop up on kijiji plus...
  10. eme411

    Blackout toggles do nothing

    check and clean all the connections to start,
  11. eme411

    Passenger side door will not open

    with the window down try using a coat hanger,
  12. eme411

    Canadian "Pre-CUCV" Chevy

    Hi Malcolm, the CUCV is also a split system, basic 12 volt for the truck and 24 volt to supply the starter , slave and for radios , the CUCV uses the bus bar on the pass side firewall, CUCV uses 2 100 amp 27si for power unlike the '76, front axle on the '76 is a Dana 44, CUCV is Dana 60,
  13. eme411

    Canadian "Pre-CUCV" Chevy

    are you planning on a whole ex CF 5/4 or just parts of it? the other choice you have is getting a ex CF CUCV,
  14. eme411

    M1031 6.2 Engine Questions

    pull the injectors and test them , my money is on them being bad and needing to be adjusted, were the caps on both ends? or were they without?
  15. eme411

    M1010 somebody talk me down

    as per GM the relay must have a minimum 120 amp rating when installing the 28MT,
  16. eme411

    M1010 somebody talk me down

    don't forget that the gear reduction starter requires a heavier start relay as per GM service bulletin , ignore it at your own peril,
  17. eme411

    M1009 Engine woes

    does the truck have a block heater? all my trucks have them , good way to get around a glow system that does not work , just starting on a M-1010 that is a wiring mess , glow system bypassed with button and I think all the plugs are shot , but not a problem to fire up , just plug it in,
  18. eme411

    CUCV to Canada

    tell him to use a broker for his paper work , not a big deal , I've done it with all the vehicles that I have brought in from both the US and Europe, they know all the rules and changes inside and out and Customs requires a 72 hour time line to clear the vehicle, the broker looks after the taxes...
  19. eme411

    NAPA cross reference for radiator cap?

    I have NOS , send me a pm if interested,
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