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  1. ToddJK

    M35A3 Rim Restoration and Tire Swap Project (Picture-Heavy)

    Yes, most definitely! The thought of having to remove and replace one of those tires can be intimidating and especially so to anyone who has never worked with big tires like that before. Another reason I'm glad to see a post like yours, I know if you can do it and how you've done it, it helps...
  2. ToddJK

    M35A3 Rim Restoration and Tire Swap Project (Picture-Heavy)

    Wow, just read your whole post so far, you've been busier than 2 beavers in heat with all that work! Lol I like the 395's myself, they are pretty good tire when comparing to the NDT's, not sure about winter yet as this will be my first, but way better off road and on road. I also just wanted to...
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