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  1. patracy

    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Pretty much all the printers out there will do better with flashed firmware. The only printer I have that isn't on a flashed firmware is my first printer that's a prusa clone. And that's because it's "lobotomized" and being controlled by octoprint.
  2. patracy

    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Oh and as far as a printer. I'd suggest starting with a Ender or some other decent brand. Sure the Prusa clones are cheap. But the quality of those are just junk at times. I know it might tempt you to get a large volume printer like a CR-10 S5 (which I have), but start small at first. Big...
  3. patracy

    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Then I must be doing something wrong. I've been printing items in a production scale. Yes injection molding can crank out far more in a shorter period of time. But when it comes to scale. The cost of the dies and such would require runs in the thousands/hundreds of thousands to compensate...
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