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    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    I have to run at 110C bed temp for common or exotic Nylon to have a chance. If you have a heated chamber that will also help with part flexion and reduce it trying to warp and pull off the bed (a little). That said: Taulman Bridge nylon prints relatively well at modest temperatures (sub 100C...
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    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Plain old Elmer's white school glue thinned out and applied in two coats (opposite directions of brushing) with a large flat brush has worked the best for me out of all the different adhesives I have tried, including Magigoo and other fancy ones. I also tried every white craft glue, none did...
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    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    Metal printing is extremely expensive. Plastics are decidedly more affordable. If you have some hundreds of dollars, there are some good machines like Prusa or Creality and so on. If you have a few thousand, there are some pro-sumer brands like CreatBot (which I have) and if you hane $20,000...
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