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  1. gimpyrobb

    Mav’s M1088A1 Conversion

    I still have a good amount of those Donaldson housings with filters. I just bought a house AND we're headed to haspin rally this weekend. If you want one, shoot me a pm and gimme a bump on wed.
  2. gimpyrobb

    Noticed a problem with non NOS fuel filters we all use (wix,Napa,etc)

    I have a box of new secondary filters with all new Orings included. PM if anyone needs any
  3. gimpyrobb

    Haspin 2023

    Ill be there!
  4. gimpyrobb

    2023 Findlay Ohio Armed Forces Day - May 18-21 - Buy, Sell and Trade

    Nobody has posted here yet?! Crimony! Cucv2 grill guard Seats wire harnesses m101 racks more to come...
  5. gimpyrobb

    brake lock on wrecker

    On my m62 I just need to pump the brake peddle to get it to release. Is that not the case for your truck?
  6. gimpyrobb

    2023 Findlay Ohio Armed Forces Day - May 18-21

    Check with Ken Spencer, I believe he has some of that style. I know he has adapted rims from hmmwv bolt together rims.
  7. gimpyrobb

    Deuce engine repair

    If you pull the pan, plan on jacking the trucks bumper up a bit. I had a heck of a time getting my pan out till I jacked up the suspension.
  8. gimpyrobb

    Putting IP back in and Timing Refresher

    When timing the IP to the motor, you ONLY need to look under the 4 bolt indicator and TDC. The tooth and arrow under the hydraulic head is to time the hydraulic head to the IP.
  9. gimpyrobb

    Remote Brake Reservoir- Bubbles when brake applied

    Air pack first then furthest to nearest. I do the rear axles first then the front.
  10. gimpyrobb

    Rear bumper options for Bobbed M35A2 Duece

    Many standard pickup truck hitches are the same width as our deuce frames. You could put one on your truck and have the bumper slid into that while driving on the street, then pull it out when you go on trails.
  11. gimpyrobb

    New in-tank fuel pump

    No, I have never seen a multifuel start after a filter change without the in-tank pump working. there is a bleeder screw on the top, in between the secondary filters on the side of the motor. I turn power on, open the bleeder, and wait for fuel. Close the bleeder and start her up.
  12. gimpyrobb

    Remote Brake Reservoir- Bubbles when brake applied

    Some air will be normal as you are pushing fluid from the remote reservoir into the master reservoir. If you didn't open any of the brake lines you should not need to bleed them.
  13. gimpyrobb

    New to me Deuce with matching trailer - wrenching post

    Wish I knew you were doing this! I have a hydraulic bead breaker you are welcome to use. Give me a buzz when you do more.
  14. gimpyrobb

    Are market lights required to be legal?

    I've got some military surplus marker lights if you decide you wanted some.
  15. gimpyrobb

    FDC bypass/ new fuel tank/ new pump/boost-egt meters

    Try not to lug it, thats bad for them. If you run it hard for a couple hours, it will run even better.
  16. gimpyrobb

    A3 air filter on LDT

    Greg, these are pretty big filters, roughly 14x24. I hate shipping things this big but will. I just replied to your PM.
  17. gimpyrobb

    A3 air filter on LDT

    I have more than you could shake a stick at. Come out to the Findlay rally in May and you won't have to worry about shipping charges. It is a great rally and lots of vehicles and people to meet/see! What a PITA that Donaldson won't let you link directly to one of their products.
  18. gimpyrobb

    New in-tank fuel pump

    They can not pull fuel from the tank if air is in the system. If the pump was working and then stopped, the truck will pull fuel through. But if there is any air in the system you need the in tank pump to get the truck running.
  19. gimpyrobb

    1999 M1097 4 speed 6.5L seized motor

    Your best bet is to pull the glow plugs and crank the engine until you get fuel misting out of the glow plug holes. Then install GPs and crank over. Easiest way to bleed the system.
  20. gimpyrobb

    Brake fluid shooting out of remote reservoir?

    When I adjust my brakes, I just do 15 thousands gap top and bottom. TM calls for 20 top and 10 bottom. Lmk if you need a hand with this. Still got my number?
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