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    Computer GPS in vehicle question

    check out The GPS Store, Inc. GPS Systems, Marine Electronics. will the laptop stay in the truck? Of course the antenna will have to be positioned to see at least 3 sats. I would either do a GPS in the radio or use your iphone. Looking at the pics of the inside of your truck, you have enough...
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    5 Ton Bridge Truck?!?

    Yep...It's a M139. I had one for several years. Everytime I took it out for a drive it would cost $50 in gas. I put 16r20's on it and the torque drop like a stuck pig. Everyone loved the truck, they know I was coming from miles away. I almost would love to have it back.
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    New Guy in 'bama

    I'll be there....
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    Extended Cab Deuce (photos)

    Toxic.....Would you happen to have any pics with the steps in the down position?
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    New Guy in 'bama

    Howdy from across the bay in Bay Minette. There are several in town that can help out when needed.
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    Extended Cab Deuce (photos)

    Could you provide more information on the retractable steps please??????
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    M37 4BT Engine Mount

    Tennessee Diesel Conversions | Your Diesel Conversion Resource Scott is the owner. He can set you up with the parts you need. Also go to and there are many threads on this.
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    IR headlights

    you could use a relay or two...
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    TM's requested - Bring out your TM's! has a bunch of them. I just D/L'ed about 300 from there for my collection.
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    M816 equipment storage? has ALL the manuals also.
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    Newbie from Al

    you can get the manuals from "liberated". They have EVERYTHING when it comes to manuals !!!!!!
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    IR headlights

    I have several that I bought from EBait... Do a search for M113 / M60 Tank dual headlight. I mounted one on my ATV and I've had loads of fun with it.
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    Building full hydro steering

    I got all my stuff from Sean at POS. Real great guy to deal with. He used to on Pirate4x4 at one time, hes call sign was Station.
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    New guy from Alabama

    Welcome neighbor.... there are several people in the Mobile area
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    Xtreme 4X4 Deuce bobbed(Spike TV)

    Some more info on the battery isolater would be nice. Anyone have any?
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    where to get dot5 fluid cheapest

    I got some from Spruce Surplus at a good price
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    Unimog Chassis and Axles

    The 1300's are great, friont axles are dual disc brakes, front and rear air lockers; but $$$$$$. Look into the 416 version, similar, but cheaper. I'm sure your surfing the Mog boards. The 1300's are 20" wheels, you can get custom 20" made to fit. Not sure about lowering, but they are stabe...
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    I need some help getting my M37 on the road. Trans, brakes, steering

    power wagon advertiser has some good m37 threads also.
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    New member from Pensacola FL

    Welcome. I'm down the road in Bay Minette, AL.
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