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    M923/925 on 16.00x20 tires?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, I'm asking for a friend of mine that just got not one, but two M931 tractors off of Gov Lquidation. - Are both of those 16.00x20 tires (yea I know that's the thread title, I just want to make sure of the nomenclature when I discuss with him) - What is the...
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    Scepter Spout Alternative

    Since this version fits the inside threads of the MFC spout opening, it should fit the inside threads of the old metal Blitz style jerry can. This the metal jerry fuel can that has the round threaded cap, not the Nato type with it's trapazoidal cam-lock cap. I don't know how well this version...
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    Cry Baby Neighbors

    These two pieces of advice are usually mutually exclusive, depending on who answers the phone, how much they know, how much they think they know and maybe even if they don't like the sound of your voice. salt6 nailed it above: All legal codes in the US are public domain and usually available...
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    Grade 8 Bolts

    Same with my Fastenal dealer: onesies or twosies were no problem. Another option is McMaster-Carr, they have a good selection and shipping is fast 1-2 days to me, typically. The downside is you have to order in their quantity.
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    Grade 8 Bolts

    I too use Fastenal for all my bolt needs. Of course, talk is cheap for me since I pass them every day on the way to work, the manager greets me by name when I come in and on top of that, I get the 25-40% Boring discount. Fastenal used to have a great little bolt reference guide, but I don't...
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    Balancing the 53" XZL tires?

    4x4, I've been using it for over 5 years on my Toy rock crawler. One of the first things we do when rock crawling, is lower the air pressure, sometimes waaay down, for better traction etc. Losing a tire isn't a problem with the AF at least compared to others who don't use it. I have...
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    Balancing the 53" XZL tires?

    Hmm, let's think about this: If the tire isn't flat, then there's no way for the liquid AF to leak out. That, I think, would be your first clue. However, it's pretty much a moot issue since I've never lost any AF even though I have one tire on my Toy that has a slow leak, I think it's...
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    Balancing the 53" XZL tires?

    Antifreeze: cheap, easy to install, won't clump and doesn't require special air valves or filters on the valves. I use it in my '92 Pathfinder, '85 Toy rock crawler with 35: mud terrains and on my 10K lb car hauler trailer. Smooth as glass. Support the vehicle so it doesn't completely sit on...
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    cummins fleetguard filter spec?

    Here's the Wix/Napa equivalent: Part Number: 51458 UPC Number: 765809514584 Principal Application: Case, Oliver and White Farm Tractors, Drott, Hercules, Hobart, Michigan Equipment All Applications...
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    fuel filter base

    A better idea, IMO, is to get the Wix/Napa 24770/4770 filter base with it's 1"-14 threads. The reason for this is the greater variety of fuel filters available with the 1"-14 threads vs. the 1"-12. See the enclosed list of fuel filters as an example. These are all Wix/Napa; don't like Wix...
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    Redstone Arsenal loadout problem

    m16, If worse comes to worse, I have a 18' 10k lb car hauler and a F-350 PSD and live in Madison, just outside of RSA. If you need it, I could haul them up to ****son if you take care of the fuel. Good luck. Al
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    Couple of Russian trucks earning their keep. (Nail Biter!)

    Just think of how Russia could have been a world economic power if only they had decent road system.
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    Need some help re: City Ordinances

    Personally, I'd find out who is making the complaints, then do what your name suggests. Might not solve the problem but karma is a b****! Good luck, Al
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    Remote reservoir part search.

    Surplus Center swivel hose ends: Good luck. Al
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    Boeing tearing down historic Plant 2

    Like Plant I aka The Red Barn
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    Boeing tearing down historic Plant 2

    First job I had at Boring was at that plant. It was old 30 years ago, I can't imagine what it looks like now.
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    jerry cans

    Fuel jerry can paper: Note that since '05, sources, prices and links are not valid. But it does have pics of the various types of jerry fuel cans available. For Nato-type cans, try Cheaper Than Dirt. For...
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    395s, that sucks

    Too bad you don't live near north Alabama, I know a truck tire shop that could fix that. He's done several of our rock crawler tires that get gashed on the sidewall. He specializes in OTR truck tires, so that tire would probably fit his equipment. Good luck. Al
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    Battery cut off switch

    The directions in that ad state to install it between the positive terminal of the battery and the positive battery cable. But I've always heard to install it on the ground side - which is consistent with the usual maintenance directions to remove the negative cable when working on a vehicle...
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    4770 1"-14 threaded filter bases for $21 but they're on back order: Wix 24770 & Napa 4770 Base - ON Backorder!!!: FleetFilter Secure Online Store The 1"-12 filter base for about $26: Wix 24309 & Napa 4309 Base: FleetFilter Secure Online Store If you get desperate, Amazon has the 224770 base...
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