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  1. nattieleather

    M37 but not an M37?

    The truck was reaxled which isn't a bad thing unless you wanted an M37 that was all original. IMHO those axles are better than the originals, but if you don't know what truck they are out of getting parts can be difficult. I'm just guessing here but I'm thinking a late 60s or early 70s dodge...
  2. nattieleather

    Civy rear shocks for A2

    I think an inch shorter should be okay. An inch longer and you may have problems. Way back when I had a M151A1 a surplus dealer sold me a set of new commercial shocks that were about an inch longer and when I would trail ride the vehicle and one of the rear A arms would drop that extra inch...
  3. nattieleather

    Help with hanging pedal installation

    Can you swap the peddles?
  4. nattieleather

    Test thread

    Read you 5 x 5
  5. nattieleather

    M151A2 Purchase

    I agree with replacing the rubber lines. If you're redoing the brake system those are an important part of the system and can cause you problems. Also the MC replacement on the A2 is way easier than the A1 as the A2 only has one bolt under the dash to pull and it pulls out to the left thus not...
  6. nattieleather

    M151 issues

    Check the fuel pump is pumping if you have a 151 or 151a1 you have an electric in the tank fuel pump. Also on the engine block next to the oil filter is the oil pressure sender which also is a kill switch to the fuel pump which will stop the flow of electricity to the pump if your engine has no...
  7. nattieleather

    M151A2 Purchase

    Looking at your pictures it looks like it was the summer camo colors. I've seen many in that pattern in the military but I can't recall seeing one at any shows like that. I'm partial to winter 4 color with the earth brown instead of the light green but that is what I grew up with in the military.
  8. nattieleather

    Fuel tank missing

    Yes please share the info and the Ford Van tank as it would be good to have it here as well as other locations.
  9. nattieleather

    M37 Restomod?

    I'm doing one now....been doing it for a long time. I went with modifying the original frame by putting new axles under it. Fabricating a new engine, trans, transfer case into the truck etc. Since I've been doing this for 14.5 year now (okay so I only work one or two days a month with many...
  10. nattieleather

    1954 M37 Dodge Gun Truck Ammo Box Questions

    Definitely made from a 1/4 ton trailer either M100 or M416. As was said above who knows if it was made by a unit or a civilian.
  11. nattieleather

    M37 Gun Truck Details

    You have to remember that there was no Army plan to make gun trucks. So there is no official documents to says this goes here or that goes there. The trucks were built by the GIs with just an OK from the unit commander. The layout of the bed of the truck was what ever worked best for the guys...
  12. nattieleather

    ISO SB 11-640

    I may have one. I'm not at home today to look on my PC, but I will look tomorrow and if I have I will DM you.
  13. nattieleather

    Canvas groove on windshield question

    You did good as that is believe it or not the approved motor pool method of fixing canvas bead holders. Or at least it was here in NE Ohio when I was in service. Truck looks great!
  14. nattieleather

    Front Axle Shaft Dirt and Oil Slinger

    Just a follow up. Yes that is the correct part number for the slinger. Thank you @gringeltaube for providing that. Now it seems that this is the unicorn of mid to late 70's Dodge parts. I've checked all the auto part chains and I've checked local Napa is useless they can't find a...
  15. nattieleather

    Front Axle Shaft Dirt and Oil Slinger

    Okay I misspoke. That looks like it's the right part number. Now just need to find a supplier who has it. Thanks.
  16. nattieleather

    Front Axle Shaft Dirt and Oil Slinger

    Nope that's the inner seal that goes inside the steering knuckle. The one I'm looking for goes outside the knuckle and is on the axle shaft. It is sort of hat shaped.
  17. nattieleather

    M37 in the Philippines ???

    The Philippines are notorious for modifying off road trucks.
  18. nattieleather

    Slow Down an M37

    Why not look for a doubler for the Roxor? I think the aftermarket biz is making it. Bolts on to t-case and superlow gearing. Let Google be your guide.
  19. nattieleather

    Front Axle Shaft Dirt and Oil Slinger

    Hello all, I'm looking for the part number for the above mentioned outer axle shaft seal. This is pressed onto the shaft and seals up against the steering knuckle. I buggered mine all to heck and need a replacement. Anyone have a part number or where to get them? Thanks.
  20. nattieleather

    Electric M37

    That's so weird not hearing a motor running only the drive train and tires and the squeak of the body. Good job! Will be interested in how it performs on road when you get all the details worked out.
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