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  1. Abbylind

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Happy 4th to everyone! Hooked up the batteries to my M1008 and checked tire pressures after sitting for 6+ months...took it to the dump with a load of tree limbs...drove like a scalded dog!
  2. Abbylind

    2 wheel vs 4 wheel steering

    Sorry guys been away from the confuser on several projects... Looks like you got your questions answered at the g503 website...
  3. Abbylind

    Titles for mules / registration as off-road vehicle

    Got mine in paperwork never had a problem offroading with it...I know AZ is a little different about that
  4. Abbylind

    Hauling a m274 in Tacoma pickup bed

    My mule fits in the bed of my 86 M1008. If you can find someone with a 8' full size bed truck they could help you out depending on how far you plan on travelling YMMMV
  5. Abbylind

    2 wheel vs 4 wheel steering

    A lot of A5s were A2s 4WS and were converted to 2 wheel steer. My A5 is one example. It still has the hole in the deck for accessing the 4 wheel to 2 wheel lockout bracket. Mine also still has the mounting studs for the rear bellcrank in place. Deco Grand is one of the companies that the...
  6. Abbylind

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Replaced the right front tire. My 2 year old MTR hit something while backing up. Cracked the side wall. Man getting those PVC inserts out of the old tire is a b*tch! Ended up cutting the sidewall to pull it out.
  7. Abbylind

    Steering wheel chain

    The military added them after someone broke into a facility and stole a tank. They required all vehicles to be "secured" They actually added a keyed switch to the start panel on the OH 58 helicopters!
  8. Abbylind

    Injector Pump - DB2 Rebuild

    Replaced my IP shaft seals back in 2001 been good ever since....knock on wood....
  9. Abbylind

    Motor Oil - Synthetic or Rotella?

    In the aircraft engine world if you switch from mineral oil to synthetic you must replace all engine seals...reason? different expansion rates on the seals when using synthetic...
  10. Abbylind

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Learn something every day from Mr Rick....
  11. Abbylind

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    I heard engine building and diesel fumes are recommended therapy for heart attacks...grin :D Get well kimosabe!
  12. Abbylind

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Oh no! Get well Dr Mike!
  13. Abbylind

    6.2L fuel leak

    I got a rebuild kit from Gomers diesel. Took off the top cap and pulled the accelerator shaft out (you'll have to pull the intake manifold to get the shaft out.) Put new o rings on the shaft and buttoned it up. Installed new intake gaskets. Hasnt leaked since. Good luck
  14. Abbylind

    6.2L fuel leak

    CUCV is correct it could be the return fuel lines. Also check the o rings for the throttle shaft that runs through the IP. I had those leak. It ran down the gallery under the intake and out the back of the engine. Dripped down by the starter. Good luck
  15. Abbylind

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    You made, as my dad used to call it, a "mohole"......
  16. Abbylind

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Following with great cooling interest.....
  17. Abbylind

    Tranny leak after emergency stop

    Dr CUCVRUS Sorry I havent been a good test pilot for you. Ive got work starting on Monday. Im going to try to install the lines this week. I hope the hydraulic lines work for you sir.
  18. Abbylind

    6.2 cranking times

    24 volts comes from the 2 12 volt batteries...the voltage is stepped down to 12 volts through 2 wire wound resistors located on the firewall behind the engine. The 12 volts from the resistors is sent to the glow plug relay where is used to initialize the glow plugs. The problem arises when the...
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