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    M35a3 wont start

    It could be the check valve, I believe it is commonly located on top of the fuel tank. Make sure that it is not dirty and that it isn't stuck either open or closed. I have heard that the 3116 can be a bear to prime but I have not had this trouble with mine yet.
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    7.3 V8 normal aspirated Diesel engine problem

    Sounds to me like it losing its prime, IE its getting air in a fuel line. Stop ethering your engine. Try to run the truck off of a bucket and also watch the fuel lines for any sign of leaking. Brake clean everything clean and blow it dry before you start.
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    Deuce with 6v92T Detroit and transmission.....????

    I wouldnt worry about a hacked up harness to much, you can buy the harness seperate or just get the diagrams, some pins and wire and repair anything they have done. I like this thread as I work at an allison trans and detroit diesel dealer so Im playing with these everyday. I was surprised when...
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    Deuce Jack Safety Questions

    I second the notion to use the wood under the jack, the use of many wheel chocks in both directions, I have seen them save lives. Useing wood under the jackstands is also a good idea as they have a relatively small contact area and will sink in dirt, or even blacktop over time. I have seen many...
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    Hello from Mo

    Welcome from Tulsa, Ok area
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    Correcting a mistake

    Great job, looks authentic
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    driving with one wheel/tire/axle off the ground

    Working as a mechanic I have chained up axles a few times and seen it done often by others, I would say that to get you moving to a place to fix it no problem. I second the idea that the axle to chain up would be the middle one, so that you keep your long wheel base and as much stability as...
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    Anyone know someone to do mechanic work/diagnosis on a deuce in Oklahoma?

    Im up in Owasso 100 miles away, Id help if I was closer. Best of luck.
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    New Deuce owner here..

    Tear it down and do a complete inspection. Good to do it all at once, change all the seals and the boots. Dont use GL1 oil in diffs, use GL4 or 5.
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    pinion seal

    I second the heat method, and the oil. Impact wrench, cheater pipe or whatever else doesn't really matter. I use an impact most of the time unless I have to use a really thin walled socket. If you can get the nut glowing it will probly come off. If the nut is severly rusted or the threads were...
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    Front Pinion Seal leak

    Check your vent also, but likely a worn out seal surface on the yoke or it was left to loose. To tight and youll burn the bearing up though so watch it. Find a new shop also.
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    Front tire blow out going 55 MPH on the freeway

    First I am glad that you are ok, I worry about any kind of blowout myself. I watched a very interesting video on you tube the other day about what to do in case of a blowout. They had trucks driving with tires wired to explode and said that you should floor it. No matter where the blowout, you...
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    The "HOOD IN THE FACE" club

    Well I guess I should apply for membership in this exclusive club, had it happen at the drag strip in an 88-91 crx when I shifted to 3rd. I was smokeing my buddy in his supercharged grandprix, needless to say he won that round. Cost a hood and windshield, I dont remember how fast the little car...
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    Locking Differential

    Just to put this out there, I know it is not really 100% on topic but the power divider in an over the road truck splits the torque equally between the two rear ends. When unlocked a power divider will put the power to the path of least resistance be it the front or the rear, when locked it will...
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    A3 Front tire balance W/ Erik's lug nut fix

    Just a thought I had, if you have your 14.5x20 tires balanced make sure the tire shop that is doing the work knows that they are only rated for 56 mph.
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    Deuce driving tips

    If you have to jack up your truck to work on it or change a tire do not leave the lug wrench on the lug nuts you just broke loose as you jack up the tire. The rears are terrible about getting in a bind when cornering and can hold themselves in a bound up state for a lot longer than you might...
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    OK, MO, AR, KS Rally June 21-23 @ D-Day Adventure park 2013

    I am not going to be able to make it this year and Im really bummed about it. Everyone have a good time and try to post some pics or videos. Be safe.
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    OK, MO, AR, KS Rally June 21-23 @ D-Day Adventure park 2013

    Im in tulsa and planning on going, Im takeing a deuce so if you could get your wares this far I can take them from here
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    OK, MO, AR, KS Rally June 21-23 @ D-Day Adventure park 2013

    I am going to try to attend. Ill be in my m35a3, I've got a buddy who wants to know if he can come and hang out and hit the trails in his jeep.
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    T136-27 Airshift synchro replacement questions

    The syncro in the picture looks good. The further apart the two sets of teeth are when you set the syncro on the gear the better. If the teeth will touch or come close to it the the sycro cannot create enough friction fast enough to keep said teeth from hitting each other as it trys to match the...
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