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  1. Jake0147

    break caliper mount question

    The caliper can go anywhere you'd like it to. They are typically high and forward or high and backward, but factory built applications can be found with them mounted in almost any position. The biggest benefits to the forward/rearward placement are cooling (probably not applicable to you)...
  2. Jake0147

    left front headlight burning out frequently

    That's valid in some cases, but not a safe blanket statement. Field wound? Permanent magnet? Loaded? Loaded to what percent of capacity? Is the load fixed? Speed dependent? Inversely speed dependent? Food for thought only, as it's pretty much irrelevant as far as light bulbs are...
  3. Jake0147

    Painting wheels-but not tires?

    Dish soap works well. If you want a solid mask, instead of cutting an arch out of a piece of cardboard, I use a For Sale sign from the hardware store. You can "stuff" it a little further in the crease to get that outer most part easier. I do NOT tap it out with a hammer. I laid mine out on...
  4. Jake0147

    left front headlight burning out frequently

    Replace the rubber isolation mounts.
  5. Jake0147

    Where can I find brake cylinder for Deuce wheel

    Westex, I see you have your cylinder to repair what's leaking, but I urge you to disassemble that failed wheel cylinder at some point during the process. You may find that it's a single point failure, but you may very well find heavy corrosion which will be systematic, and probably warrant at...
  6. Jake0147

    Cut open coolant filter from the deuce

    Run the engine up to temperature. Good and hot, drive the truck. Go crack the fittings while the engine is good and hot. Quarter turn maybe, just till you see the first drop of coolant, even dampness without a drop, and stop right there. Do not even think about taking them out at that point...
  7. Jake0147

    GL-1 gear oil

  8. Jake0147

    head studs

    I would agree completely except for one point here. I would NEVER EVER mix/match a set of bolts. The expansion/contraction is going to be different, torque specs are going to be different, ultimate clamp load is going to be different. If you're going to replace them all, ARP can knock out a...
  9. Jake0147

    Help: ID brake line placement

    That's the vent for sure. I can recall a senior member of this site (rest his soul) referring too that chunk of plumbing as a "common vent", and while not correct, it was very clear to all members what he was referring to. Attach it correctly (I'll get there), or plug it with a standard...
  10. Jake0147

    5 ton Air Pack on a Deuce?

    Indeed, operating pressures are not different on the two systems, only the expected volume demand of the system. The deuce braking system is not deficient in performance, rather it is deficient in redundancy (single outlet), it is deficient in longevity of the linings if used to the rated...
  11. Jake0147

    Differences in wheels

    From memory, I've got Goodyear, Firestone, Canada T (I think...), Accuride, and others for sure but I did not document it. When I get a moment I'll look and see if it shows through my new paint. I also noticed that some but not all are DOT approved (legal for use by civilians on public...
  12. Jake0147

    Differences in wheels

    If you look at them long enough, there's differences between individual riveted wheels and individual welded wheels. I've hand prepped two full sets now... I've got riveted ones with the hand hole to the curve, and not to the curve. I've got welded ones with the hand hole to the curve, and...
  13. Jake0147

    Inner stud thread

    Look at the very top of the thimble, and/or the very top of the stud. There will be an L or an R stamped into the end of it. In case nobody mentioned it, the inside and outside are always the same. Supposedly, in theory, you'll have left hand threads on the left hand side of the truck, right...
  14. Jake0147

    Airpack sound

    These brakes are not air brakes, nor are they air over hydraulic brakes. You will never, ever get that kind of sound from them. If you do, you should fix that immediately. The air assist mechanism does vent air every time you release the brake pedal. It vents out a long tube, away from you...
  15. Jake0147

    Balancing Tires

    These internal dynamic balance remedies do work to some degree. The biggest problem I see with them is that the deuce tire/wheel assembly is too heavy, it takes too much for it to work properly (which is still mediocre to "OK", but never good....). The second problem I see is that deuce tries...
  16. Jake0147

    Try to jump and goes dead... Help Please

    Without a battery installed, the first question that comes to my mind is where/how is the positive slave cable end attached to the positive battery/starter cable end? That's a lot of juice, and just kinda hanging off of the same bolt won't cut it... Gotta be tightened down. Absolutely it...
  17. Jake0147

    Stock M35A2 being run on the chassis dyno at SECO

    Since it's a stock truck at a stock truck repair/refurbish center, I'm guessing the numbers you want to see are in the TMs, and the dyno is to verify repairs and/or run in new parts in the prescribed manner without having to foot a full registration for test drive purposes.
  18. Jake0147

    # 8 on door

    I think part of the reason that bridge plates (and numbers/decals) went away is simply the ability to keep track, predict, and plan, and manage operations from a centralized location. The bridges are still as strong or as light as they make them. The trucks are still as heavy or light as they...
  19. Jake0147

    Trailers compatible with air over hydraulic braking systems

    The two glad hands on the back of a deuce and a half, for the purpose of trailer selection, may be considered "regular air brakes". The mechanism by which the correct service signal (apply signal) is generated is obviously very different, but it's the correct signal at the correct time, all...
  20. Jake0147

    Stock air horn replacement

    What happens to the air pressure gauge on the dash when you hit the horn button... That pressure drop (or lack thereof) will be a good indication of how far you've got to go back to get an adequate supply for three horns. I'll bet it's right to the tank, but that will give you good insight...
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