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  1. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Bought 1992 AM general M1097R1 getting mixed info about Nevada title and registration

    I played nice and kept this in my back pocket just in case:
  2. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Bought 1992 AM general M1097R1 getting mixed info about Nevada title and registration

    Yes, no issues in Tonopah. S.B. 356 passed and allows for the titling and registration of “retired military vehicles.”
  3. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    6.5 Turbo Oil Pan Damage

    looks like a broken chain to me...
  4. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    installing slant back hatch seal

    Pictures please!!! This is on my to do list.
  5. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Difference between models

    My Marine unit had M998's that were all replaced with M1097a2's. 97-01
  6. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Arrival of 2nd HMMWV M1151A1

    That engine is junk with dirt caked in it but the parts may salvageable with a detailed cleaning and inspection. The MTP decal shows that it has already gone through an overhaul.
  7. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    What mounts on bottom side of top of snub nose?

    I took two apart yesterday. The two center most holes hold the wiring rings for the headlight harness. The next pair outward hold the oil cooler tilt bracket so they can be lifter up and cleaned. The outmost empty single hole mounts to the Sheetmetal protectors to the back of the headlamps.
  8. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Cargo shell nets….

    Also interested for 11xx series?
  9. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Softer Springs

    Interested, thinking about the same setup.
  10. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Windshield retainer question

    Here is what you seek per Craig at Mac Motors 12480708x 2 12480709x1
  11. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Coolant in rear diff

    The vent cooler was not capped off but all other fluids looked good when flushed. I will probably end up swapping covers to keep it OEM. Thanks!
  12. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Coolant in rear diff

    Hello, While changing the fluids on a new to me 2012/M1167 from GP, I found oil in my rear diff that looks like a milkshake. I also noticed that the vent line was also removed/hanging. I drained to diff and waited till the next day to see is the cooling system is leaking. Sure enough, I...
  13. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Thoughts on engine after GP removed Cdr and/or air filter

    Hello, If the truck was a runner and then sat in the desert without the cdr/air cleaner, should the motor be torn down or is there a process to flush? The truck I'm looking at has the hood in place giving the engine some protection. OR should I just change the oil /replace parts and go for it...
  14. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Barstow auction 2/8/23 Submitted to TSC 2/20/23 and still waiting! previous euc in 2022
  15. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Blown Turbo motors went for 3k oh my!

    Makes me think we have some shills. First one was a 17 rebuild that they dropped the pan and removed parts. I was thinking 500 in parts. Just wow...
  16. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    HMMWV Doors/ Tops

    Thats a good picture of your roof plug. So at 46' it goes under the overlay and above the roof right?
  17. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Arrival of 2nd HMMWV M1151A1

    The truck looks great and got me excited for the two I am waiting for! How long did the EUC take and was it your first EUC in the last two years?
  18. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Alternators in Doyle near Reno for FREE!!FREE!! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, I won 17 alternators that have been subjected to the elements. They need to be picked up within 7days preferably by someone in Reno since the roads are a mess/closed? Please dont say I can then cant. Let me know how close you are and when. Thanks
  19. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Doyle California soft cover kit for a M 1078 pick up

    Same story here...I also need a pallet picked up there??? If I end up driving up, I will let you know.
  20. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Odd ball: Any ideas the purpose of this? Driver's side, under dash against tunnel

    The pull start saved me several times when I had bad blinker fluid!
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