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    1951 M-37 generator won't polarize

    I had to do it around 8 times to get it to be polarize and start charging. I have no idea why it took so many times.
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    Simple axle swap question ?

    Also, the Dana 60 front axle has the leaf spring mount cast into the center housing. Moving it towards the center of truck to add a weld on leaf mount would put the differential near the middle of the truck - no good. Narrowing a Dana 60 is not complicated. Cut axle tube at knuckle, knock out...
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    2017 mta spring show april 22-23

    Anyone have a lunette for a WWii 1-ton Ben Hur trailer? I have 3 trailers and 1 correct lunette.
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    Jakes Flea MArket MV show/parts sale - Barto, PA April 22-23, 2017

    The website says this show is an indoor sale - which I suspect is an error for 2 reasons. First, the fall show is both indoor and outside with a nice mix of MV vendors and hobby sellers. And second, the website has the dates off by 1 for the weekend. I suspect it is both an indoor and outdoor...
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    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    My son and I will be there looking for Ben Hur trailer stuff. If anyone needs Dodge WC/M37 differentials, let me know ASAP and I can bring them to the show Saturday. I have a M37 pto as well...
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    M105 and S737 Gichner Build (Camper)

    If you upgrade to the crank up landing wheel setup, I could use your single wheel - if unbent, to replace mine. The dent in the o.d. is ok.
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    WC-51 gun mount

    I have the blueprints for the M24A2 and M24A3. They are readily available in either US Army manual TM 9-224 or TM 9-8030. I can check tomorrow. They leave out the height on the pintal vertical pipe - which I have as well. I think I got them from the Carlisle US Army War College Library - it...
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    2010 Fall Rausch Creek MV Rally!!!

    Wow that snuck up fast!! My wife asked last night we (son & I) were going. That remains to be seen as $$ is very low and the project list is very long.
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    Wc/m37 brakes

    Also, keep an eye out for M101a1 trailer axles. When I lubed my M101 bearings - I was suprised to see new axle nuts and shoes. The lining was ~ 7/16" thick - much more than on all the M37's used used I have used. Sadly, my local shoe reliner went out of business years ago. NAPA had them as B-89...
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    Machine gun ring on WC

    I think that was it Gordon. The original photo had a larger shot of the city square as I recall.
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    Dodge WC51 M24A1 Gun Mount

    Nice shots of the data plate - thanks. If you're using a 6" L mount bracket -what WWII Dodge truck do you have? Anything is posible, but thiis is news to me as the 6" L bracket was only used on post WWII M37s as far as I know. Maybe someone swapped a M24A3 onto your WWII Dodge and put a M24A2...
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    M37 hub install question

    Frt hubs procedure is the same as the rear. It is a good idea to replace the brass front axle bushings just inside the knuckles while you are there. The 40+ yrs old bushings are likely worn out, causing leaks and excess axle wear. Ft lbs on the inner nut? Sorry, not spec on hand (I could...
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    M37 Plowing snow yesterday.

    Ditto. We got 12" by me. It is amazing how neighbors suddenly like the M37 w/ plow when it comes time to clear the ends of their driveways (repeatedly) after the town trucks plow the street. I took some photos. They look just like yours though as I copied your plow frame setup. :)
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    Yard with many possible MV projects

    Email sent. -M37Dodge
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    Valve clearence adjustment.

    Run a search on this - read Charles Talbert's posts.
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    hub leak.

    Classic hub seal leak . . . Congrats - that is a classic hub seal failure leaking rear end oil. The seal is simple to replace - you just need a 3/8" and 9/16" open end wrenches to pull the axle and a little silicone for the seal flange. Repack the hub bearings w/ grease while you are there -...
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    Is GL actually a Used Car Dealer?

    The DMV in PA treated GL as a dealer when I registered my M101a1 trailer.
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    2009 Rausch Creek mv rally sign up thread!!!

    IW85 - I sent you a PM.
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    2009 Rausch Creek mv rally sign up thread!!!

    IronWolf85 - I could convoy with you on the East shore on I81 anywhere between Harrisburg and Hershey as I as driving up from E-Town or you could take Rt 30 to Rt 441 North (basically past my house) and then we convoy North through E-town & Hershey to RC (same or slightly shorter distance than...
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    2009 Rausch Creek mv rally sign up thread!!!

    I am planning for Sat-> Sunday. However, that depends on the weather. My 10 year old son is upset about the possibility of not going. I will be watching the weather - I'm < 1 hour away, so can pop over easily. EDIT: We WILL be going rain or shine Saturday. I will bring firewood. I doubt I...
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