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    Official 2012 SS Ga Rally Info thread

    Well, I think its pretty official. I will be unable to attend the rally this year. It bums me out, but heres hoping for next year.

    Air Brake Check.

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the TM for the M332? Or is it interchangeable with some other frame setup?

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Dang made that? Thats awesome work. Ive tried making stuff like that before, but it never turns out that nice lol.

    Air Brake Check.

    So this afternoon, I was out in the garage tinkering on my M332 ammo trailer, and I wanted to check the air brake system. Since my Deuce doesn't have glad-hands at the moment, I had to devise my own way to check the system. So I put together a small manifold type thing so I could pressurize the...

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Heres the pics I got. Not the greates resolution, since the pics were such a huge file, I had to shrink them down. Anyhow, Im there on the left, and the Bobber on the right belongs to Titanium Soldier here on SS.

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Yesterday, I got to show my truck off for the first time. It was just a small car show they put on at my work for the employees on the annual family day. This year was the 15th anniversary of the first flight of our jets so they let us bring our muscle cars, antiques, hot rods etc. and park them...

    locking a deuce cab

    Just a simple hardware store hasp and padlock works for me. I battle lock the passnger door, chain the wheel, and then padlock the door. Works pretty good, but I suppose if someone wants in bad enough they can just undo the soft top or cut it. I doubt anyone around here would take the whole...

    Is this supposed to be blocked off?

    I concur with everyone above...its the fitting for the air restrictor gauge. You dont need it. Its not vital...nor were any of the ones I ever saw even close to being accurate. Just leave it plugged. Aint gonna hurt or hinder anything, and wont improve perfermance or looks if you unplug...

    Heath's M35A2... the beginning

    Finally...sheesh! lol Just playing. Congrats on getting her home. Looking forward to seeing your progress with it. Good luck [thumbzup]

    M35A2 Flywheel Weight

    I dont think break in on a clutch is important...but Im not a licensed mechanic lol....Other then the engine and transmission, I usually just put parts on and for me.

    M35A2 Flywheel Weight

    Yep...94lbs. sounds right. When I had mine resurfaced, it BARELY fit on the by a half inch. Be careful when lifting it and setting it down because it is heavy enough to remove a finger lol. Also be sure to have a soldier B with you when removing/installing it on the engine. Doing...

    New NDT's on the Deuce

    Tires look good. Some of them do look pretty new with some nubbies still on there. The one right in the center of your first pic still has the mold line in the center of the tread too. Are those actually NDT's or are they NDCC's? I thought NDCC's were the more common newer tread pattern.

    My deuce lost her brake lights. The last major thing I need to do is get the troop seats sanded and painted. For some reason, Ive been dreading it lol. I still need to stencil the company and truck numbers on front and back and I should be mostly done with the major appearance stuff..mostly. Im going to get the...

    My deuce lost her brake lights.

    Hey RBZH...Until you get a new switch, why dont you make a temp switch that splits the contact between the two leads when you press on the brakes? I know you know a thing or two about electricity so Im sure it wouldnt be hard for you to do. I have been wanting to make my own switch that...

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Well, yesterday I drove my truck to work. Bout, 45 miles each way. The soft top held up nicely, although the bows kept popping up out of their holes in the windshield frame and making noise etc. So this morning I came up with a fix. Sorry the pic is slightly fuzzy, but basically i made a small...

    Diesel Fuel Grade Translation

    Ummm...I dont know about all that....Diesel is more expensive then premium here.

    Diesel Fuel Grade Translation

    Well as far as I know pretty much all diesel available in the civilian market at the pump is DF-2 with is the equivalent of F-54 NATO...All these numbers are the same fuel, just a different name. DF-1 is clear diesel used in cold weather enviroments. Also, JP-8 is as close to diesel as you...

    I'm 19 and seriously considering buying a deuce, am I crazy?

    First off, welcome to the site. Secondly, saying faux pas, is a faux just playing. It is relitively late for me, and Im not all here so, Ill just say a few things. For #1....age means nothing really, as long as you got the mental capacity to handle one of these vehicles. I mean they...

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    ...I get my phenylacetic acid from the barrel with a B on it...thats how I know how to do it.

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    mad, actually I did not. The header over that door was notched by the previous owner of the house. He had an old John Deere tractor he liked to keep in the garage. It does come in handy though because I think the steering wheel squeezes in with about an inch or so between it and that notch...
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