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    Drash/GET Perkins 20KW no fuel problem

    Oil filter, I used Napa 1348 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    MEP 803a Glow Plug Wire

    If your local electric supply shop wont sell by the foot - sometimes you can find wire by the foot or short sections on your favorite auction site.
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    Trailer Mounted MEP803a Grounding

    Careful with your words as this might be misconstrued! Only one neutral ground bond in the system is allowed by code. Only One. If you have a bond in the panel that the generator is connected to then there should not be one at the generator, instead just ground the generator frame with a ground...
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    Panelview 550 Micrologix 1100 MEP-802Ae

    If you feel like hacking the Micrologix it is very possible that it runs on 12VDC or 24VDC internally- other brand controllers do. So, find the power supply and see if you can just bypass it- you have it just collecting dust now, maybe you can still use it.
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    Have been inactive for a time. What auction site took over mil vehicles from GL?

    GL still has them, but check out There are a couple of others out there-,,, and some others Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Ground Bonding

    The generator frame "should always" have the frame tied to a ground rod somehow. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Ground Bonding

    Ground rod at generator for the frame only when the neutral bond is elsewhere. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Ground Bonding

    In general the neutral ground bond is located at the first means of disconnect or a service entrance. How ever you end up connecting things you should only have it bonded in one location or you will get circulating ground currents and potential safety issues- you could get shocked by touching...
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    Whats missing from the picture - MEP-004A

    Bottom right is the oil filter- missing the top and the filter. Don't worry about the cold start system, many don't use it even if present. I would try to use a different fuel filter system rather than finding the missing pieces, try to find a spin on one. Same for oil filter. Sent from my...
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    Drash/GET Perkins 20KW no fuel problem

    Yes, I know it is not a Drash- but the name seems to be synonymous with this type of unit. I have attached some data plate pictures from the original auction. If you know where I can get a TM for this let me know.
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    Drash/GET Perkins 20KW no fuel problem

    Problem fixed. The fuel rack was stuck. I had to pry the pump off the block. After talking to a local disel shop it seems that they have problems with this type of pump setting up when they dont get used for a long time. They reccomended that rather than just buy a new pump try soaking it in...
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    Drash/GET Perkins 20KW no fuel problem

    A new to me 2009 Hanco 20RFH33DWLP DRASH Shelter Transport Trailer, this is a Drash type generator and ECU combo. It has a Perkins engine that I believe model 404D-22T. Block tag indicates GP65664N and 740040T. Only a little over 300 hours. The problem is no fuel to injectors. Picture of the...
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    Generator service and test checklist and procedures?

    It sounds to me that you are trying to start a business, which is a good thing. I am very skeptical that you would be able to buy the generators cheap enough, rebuild them, and still make a profit. When the Army trains its personnel for repair procedures they teach them to use the TM's...
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    Chevy Blazer M1009 CUCV turbo upgrade

    Don't be confused- everyone has an opinion....When I had mine I would take the highway and drive 70-75 very easily and still get 20mpg. This is possible because of the 3.08 gear ratio in the axle. An engine you swap in will run at the same rpms on the highway because the gears didn't change...
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    Trying to find a rear popeller shaft part number 14067762

    Thats funny- I didn't know they referred to it that way. Way to go using the TMs though!
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    Trying to find a rear popeller shaft part number 14067762

    Wow, I have never heard of a k5 with a propeller on it- how does it do in the water? Can you post some pictures? Also you should never use a propeller shaft to remove stumps. Now if you need a new drive shaft repaired you need to find a drive line specialist in your area and have it repaired...
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    M1009 Speedometer System Question

    The parts are not the same between the 08 and 09, different tooth count on the speedometer gear. The speedometer gear that goes into the bellhousing is plastic- the teeth can shear off over time due to age or mechanical binding of the cable or adapter. If you take it out take note of the...
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    Aux battery question

    The isolator works by charging the main battery before the aux battery is charged. This way you will always be able to start it. This how rvs handle multiple batteries. Check out the video of how they work on youtube. They are inexpensive.
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    Aux battery question

    Which imnalance are you concerned with = the 12/24 stock battery system or with a new battery? If you are concerned about imbalancing the stock system don't worry as it is already imnalanced. The only load on the high side battery is strictly starting related- the low side battery does the same...
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    Aux battery question

    Research RV battery isolators, you could use one of them. There are a couple of videos on youtube that show the operation of them. You could convert the vehicle to 12v then you could have a dedicated 12v circuit (alternator and battery depending on the method used) to your camper if you wanted.
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