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  1. 98G

    KS 1987 M35A2 6x6 TRUCK $17K

  2. 98G

    KS HEMTT Transmission HD4560P

    Delivery available between Ft Riley KS and Louisville Ky.
  3. 98G

    KS 50' Slave Cables $400

    Price reduced. $350
  4. 98G

    NM 1400lb Safe

    Here's a 900lb plate steel drawer safe. $750 with the lock of your choice, several locks to choose from.
  5. 98G

    KS HATZ diesel engine and DC generator. 51 hours.possible delivery to Maryland or Nevada or points in between

    I'm open to offers. I'd like it gone as it is certain I'm probably never going to get around to doing anything with it.
  6. 98G

    KS 17' Slave Cables

    These are boxed and ready to ship...
  7. 98G

    KS Air Conditioning for M923A2

    I'll split the kit up if there's a part you need.
  8. 98G

    2 drawer, ~300lbs safe in Louisville KY

    I had an upcoming trip KS to MD to KS and planned to pick up this small safe in KY on the way back. My MD trip is imploding so it may not be happening at all. Retail value on this safe is less than the cost of the trip to go get it if it's the only thing on the agenda. (And less than the...
  9. 98G

    KS MEP802, $1500 this weekend only

    Let's make a deal. Handing one of these off this weekend would really hit the spot...
  10. 98G

    KS Air Conditioning for M923A2

    Everything but the hoses, which you'd probably want new and custom length anyway. $2400. Delivery available MD to NV.
  11. 98G

    KS 17' Slave Cables

  12. 98G

    KS medium towbar, 24V tow lights, air lines. $500 or offer.

    Going to Las Vegas NV, departing KS Saturday morning. Handoff of anything I've got available en route.
  13. 98G

    M998 tire and wheel needed ANDERSON, INDIANA

    @Jbulach @tobyS @22/45 These guys might know someone
  14. 98G

    NM 1400lb Safe

    Possible delivery to Maryland or Nevada or points in between
  15. 98G

    KS HATZ diesel engine and DC generator. 51 hours.possible delivery to Maryland or Nevada or points in between

    I even have a large engine shipping container to put it in...
  16. 98G

    M1101 or 1102

    I'll nudge you if a trip to west Texas presents itself. Thanks!
  17. 98G

    M1101 or 1102

    It's in my field here in KS. I dropped a safe on it (yeah, seriously) and broke one of the parking brake levers off and broke the cap on the master cylinder. I've been using it like this. It has made several really long road trips. KS doesnt require titles on trailers this small so I don't...
  18. 98G

    M1101 or 1102

    Have you found one yet?
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