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    Ditto. 2 Group 31s or the batteries from your deuce will be plenty in warm weather.
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    Simp's M915A1 Build Thread

    Nice looking M915A1, still have the original M915A1 as well?
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    Bodywork - my 1009.

    AMD is the best in my experience. Used them on my M1009 and was quite happy.
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    10 Ton M123 Line Up

    Nice lineup, but where is the M125A1? :jumpin:
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    RI K5 Blazer/M1009 Fuel Filler Covers

    Have a few NOS M1009/K5 Blazer inside fuel filler covers. These are original GM sheet metal and some still have GM stickers. Never installed. Hard to find and are often dented or rotted out. Steel Soldiers Price: $85 + shipping.
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    M715 cab Canvas

    Weebee is the best around IMO
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    New M561 in family

    Very good progress nonetheless. Looks great
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    M715 CAT/Allison conversion

    Looks cool. Are you planning to cut the bed out to fit the engine?
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    M200A1 - Commercial Generator Fit?

    I've seen a Miller Big 40 mounted on an M200A1 before. Looked like they either used existing holes in the trailer or drilled new ones. I guess it depends what size generator you are trying to mount
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    Welding on the Humvee body.

    As I understand it, AM General uses body adhesive for part of the assembly of the body themselves
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    MEP-012A 750KW Generator Manuals

    Apparently the -208 is the Army version and the -012 is the USAF version. Similar units but still some internal differences as well as the -208 being skid mounged and the -012 trailer mounted. If anyone has access to -012 manuals that woukd be extremely helpful.
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    MEP-012A 750KW Generator Manuals I checked the site section for the MEP-012A manuals already, but I may have missed them. All of the -208 manuals appear to be there. Still not quite sure the differences yet.
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    MEP-012A 750KW Generator Manuals

    Thank you for the LO. I just looked up the MEP-208A and quickly glanced over the specs and they appear similar. I'll have to compare it to my units when I get back to the shop. I'm not sure what the differences are, or if its simply a redesignated MEP-012A? I do see the manuals for the MEP-208A...
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    MEP-012A 750KW Generator Manuals

    Does anyone have any info or manuals for the MEP-012A 750KW Generator? These were largely used by the USAF and powered by a V12 Cummins 1710 CI. The only info I have found is a training video on youtube. Thanks
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    Slave plug for MEP genset - cost effective options(?)

    I was going to ask how everyone was slaving generators over with external batteries and connecting battery connectors. Is electrical taping the terminals together enough? Or is removing the terminals, bolting the lugs together, and then covering in electrical tape preferred?
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    Need Boston Area CUCV mechanic

    If your on Facebook, Mike Morin in Leominster is always buying, selling, and parting out CUCVs. Maybe he can do it.
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    M809 and m35a2 cabs same?

    Later cabs were universal as well, and had knock outs for both steering wheel column locations. Is that reinforcing mounting plate bolt on or welded to the cab? Early Gasser Deuce cabs had some other differences as well, notably a flat firewall.
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    M809 and m35a2 cabs same?

    The cab tubs themselves are the same as I recall. Dashboards are different but you can change them out. Seats are the same.
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    BRDM-2 street legal.

    BDRMs are over-width as I recall which means you need permits to move it, which would be prohibitive for daily use. Parts are also hard to come by stateside which would make the maintenance and upkeep involved with daily driving one difficult. Visibility also is not conducive to daily driving.
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