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    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    I too have a 710M (troop carrier). Bought this in 2003, quite the 4 by!
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    Just bought this GPW

    I see this is an old posting, hopefully you see it. You mention the jeeps are props so people can get their pictures in them. Why not add "Prop" clothing and accessories such as the old time western places do. have to where your store is the Photo Studio. Just a thought.
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    What does it all mean, (the topics, key words, posty things)....

    Thanks Mike, Other than being a nut about military vehicles (but not an expert) I am hoping to find good articals/pics on rebuilding of Willy's and GPW's. I still will be looking to how I would post a "hello" to the "thread" that has that. Private? can I at least get back to my E-4 Specialist...
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    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    Fine then, when I as a newbie to this page have no clue as to how to reply or post a notice that I am new! I would think you could have a link at the TOP which say's (FNG)? ok maybe (CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS) AND THEN ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS AS TO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WHY CAN BE ANSWERED...
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    What does it all mean, (the topics, key words, posty things)....

    I just wanted to say hi as in Introduction! as I am new here. Well really I had joined some time ago bit cannot figure out the complexities of posting etc. This is a perfect example of why I do not "facebook"! So in closing I have no idea who will see this (if anybody) and or what subject it is...
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    Newbie in AZ

    BikerScout, Can't say as I should welcome you as this is my first writing on SS. I would comment on your decision about a Pinzgauer! I have had my 710-M for about 7 years and the older I get the wimpier I get! I have gone on trails with groups of jeeps and while I am getting beat to death (no...
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