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  1. DeucesWild11

    MY Airpack Rebuild with Photos!

    Nice! Don't worry, just about everyone tears the seal they just don't fit.
  2. DeucesWild11

    New guy in NY

    Bigbe, you're from Pearl River! I work in Pearl River! Are you the guy with the Hummer?
  3. DeucesWild11

    Starter Button Bypass

    Cutting and touching them together is fine, I just had a button issue and I did just that. Grainger has buttons cheap too I got mine for $5. Plus you're in the cab and can adjust the throttle if need be.. safer too.
  4. DeucesWild11

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Installed my new (to me) drivers seat. Heard it came out of a Porsche but not bad for $20 and it matches the other seats I just installed :naner:
  5. DeucesWild11

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I finally changed the passenger seat on the deuce, I was wondering why no one wanted to go for a Anyway I got this from a guy that was parting out a short bus which I think was for the handicapped as the seat tilts up out of the way. If anyone is interested I think the guy has a few...
  6. DeucesWild11

    Legal issues driving on street with turret cupola

    I got pulled over for "excessive smoke" but the cop was cool he just wanted to check out the truck. I also told him if my Honda was smoking like that it would be excessive but for a Deuce it's not.
  7. DeucesWild11

    BAMBULANCE progress

    That would make a wicked off-road camper! Looks good.
  8. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Ok so I didn't pull out the dash because the wires from the start button were all taped together with a bunch of others going out the firewall. So my next thought was maybe something wore down near the starter. I took off the air filter and started poking around.. BINGO!! See pics, wire was...
  9. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Thanks! I'll look for that when I have some time, been crazy busy last few days so prob won't be till later this weekend. My feeling is that it's something like that. I'll post up when I find something.
  10. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Thanks, that was my next plan of action. Appreciate all the feedback guys!
  11. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Yeah lights come on fine, very bright actually, just had the batteries charged up recently so the first time I tried to start it the starter was turning over nicely. Then just stopped and now the starter switch is shot as it's now doing nothing. When I try and jump the switch I get a lot of...
  12. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Thanks for the TM, just what I needed. Update, now the starter switch/button does not seem to work. Looks like wires were "monkey'd around with" at some point before I purchased it. I'll trace everything wire by wire to see what's up. I'll update when I find something.
  13. DeucesWild11

    M35A2 Suddenly not starting

    Hey guys! So I searched through a few threads and didn't find one similar to mine. So here's the story, the other day I went to start up my deuce and it was turning over great but was taking a little while so I stopped as sometimes I do and then push the button again and she usually starts...
  14. DeucesWild11

    Tire options for m35a2- so lost

    I'd go with the 11's over the 9's if you have a lot of highway driving, you'll get a little more speed even if the ODO is not showing it. Can't imagine mine without the big 395's anymore. I took it to work once about 35mi away and thought that was nuts! You'll understand once you get your...
  15. DeucesWild11

    M1101/M1102 for Alaskan expedition

    I did the same with the ties! Note most of the trailer is aluminum so the magnets don't really work..
  16. DeucesWild11

    M20A1B1 Bazooka Question

    I saw one at the Sussex NJ show a few years ago for $300 and now wish I had bought it.. Because Bazooka!
  17. DeucesWild11

    M-817 Brake fluid

    I did that unintentionally trying to get something to slide out of my bed, brakeline hose broke and I instantly had NO BRAKES!! I had to cut the engine out to stop it, thank god I was in my driveway. I think I'm going to work that into my SOP every few months or so. On another note I use Dot 3...
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