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  1. rtk

    Davit crane mods for an M813 / A1 with 16.00R20s

    Very nice work !!! can't wait to se the finished product !!!
  2. rtk

    M42 duster

    I went on that tour also , there was some amazing stuff packed away in that warehouse !!!! I would have loved one the M38A1's with the rocket launcher !!!!
  3. rtk

    New to me m923a2 jack & jack stand recommendations?

    I think you should also get a wheel/tire jack , makes removing and installing that HEAVY tires much easier and safer , Harbor Freight has them , I got one of the CHICOM knock offs , works great . Save you back . Do you have equipment to move/pickup the tires and wheels once you get them off? A...
  4. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Beautiful job Rick , you are a driven person , but the results say it all . Thanks for sharing
  5. rtk

    trapezoidal plate under the canister holder - M1009 / Chevrolet Blazer K5 Diesel

    Give Mike Morian a call he is the cucv parts guy . He is on FB . He is located outside the Boston area , He deals in vehicles and parts .
  6. rtk

    Question about rim nuts (not lug nuts) on 24 bolt even-spaced rims

    I believe they are " Lock Nuts" which are made to stay tight without a lock washer .
  7. rtk

    Found some cool pictures - M944A1 SEORTM

    Tom's other toy , The wife went for a ride in the LVT !!!
  8. rtk

    M35A3 - Opinions Wanted !

    When I found out what replacement wheel bearings cost for the CTIS , I removed the A3 setup and used A2 bearings , much cheaper , The electric wipers were a nice touch . The Cat engine and Alison trans were good but topped out at around 50MPH or so . Dual master was a big safety issue for me...
  9. rtk

    M35A3 - Opinions Wanted !

    Exactly !!! LOL , nice MV's , But they have issues . CTIS is FUBAR , tires are another issue .
  10. rtk

    New Member Pensacola, Florida (Born/Resident)

    Very nice , Welcome to the site ! Lots of good info here . Your 1028 looks pretty complete . Is it still 24 volt or did they do a hack job on the wiring ? There is a LOT of parts availability for the square bodies on line both NOS and repops Cucvrus is the man on CUCV's . He is a wealth of...
  11. rtk

    New Member from Albany, NY

    If your paperwork is good , NYDMV is pretty easy to register an MV , over 25 Y O and get Historic Plates and it's a deal . If you have any questions PM me I can help you thru it . You need an 82T reg/title application , current insurance , bill of sale document and of course your ownership...
  12. rtk

    New Member from Albany, NY

    welcome from Lockport NY!!!
  13. rtk

    Truck bought for parts, got it running, but…

    des Very good advice , save you time and money . I would get your MV up and running , do the services required as per the TM's and then do your upgrades and repairs as needed . Something else I have found with MV's , they are like Harley's they all leak a little oil here and there and if not...
  14. rtk

    New Gama Goat Owner. Help! How do I connect the cargo section???

    Looks like you have most of the major items , you need to remove that "TOW BAR" set up so you can see if anything has been cut/altered on the frame . Do you have all the hardware/pins etc. needed to reconnect ??? baby steps for sure .
  15. rtk

    Operation: Ethel. Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    Yup , I did the same thing with my winch , for exactly the same reason .
  16. rtk

    Could anyone help identify m37 parts I found?

    Wow that's different !! maybe a Artic kit of some kind ???? Looks like it could fit the cargo bed
  17. rtk

    M1008 Build

    I agree with Rick , do it right now, it is a lot easier with the engine out then leaning over a fender , JMO
  18. rtk

    Operation: Ethel. Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    VERY NICE JOB !!! it's like eating a elephant one bite at a time !!! LOL
  19. rtk

    Th400 transmission on a 6.2 k5 blazer m1009

    Yup , get it rebuilt , no reverse usually means low pressure in the trans , time for rebuild and as cucvrus said you only want to do the job once !!!
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