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    6Tl Battery advice please

    Thanks for all the replies! I always like to get a experienced opinion because it saves on making more mistakes. I'm going with my original thought of more 12 volt batteries that I can shift and use in other toys. Cost effective, more use to keep them charged, and clean posts or connections. I...
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    6Tl Battery advice please

    I have to correct myself: Not Workhorse by Interstate, but "Workaholic". You become a Alcoholic when thinking about the money you spent on your Workaholics:beer:. Also, in thinking about just buying a set of smaller 12 volt batteries that fit other toys in the garage too, do not forget that the...
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    6Tl Battery advice please

    I've read all the posts I can find on 6TL Deuce batteries. My Workhorse Interstate Batteries are now dying on me. They are 3 years old and have always been hooked up to the desulfanator/solar unit that was on my '71 M35A2 when I bought it. I guess I did OK reading that most only get 2 years max...
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    Water in transmission, question about cleaning.

    I like to use ATF and run it and flush it. You probably don't have anything to loose. If it's noisy, you'll have to re-build it anyway. John
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    Need mechanics opinion on my next move

    Good advice, but most important is to use the all fiber head gasket and not the one steel sided gasket from Felpro! I've had them fail. Next is to re-torque the head after you start it and run it up to operating temp. Re-check the torque again after a good drive. JB weld is also one of my...
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    Todays junk yard find willys jeep

    It's a '49 CJ3A. Same as mine. CJ3A windshield and frame, but the radiator mounts like a '48 2A. Keep it whole for someone to fix. Good save! John
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    M37 Update

    Thanks for the yellow nose info.. I missed being in the draft by 3 months . I was # 14 but the draft ended. Didn't really understand what it meant at the time, but at least I'm still here to ask. I admire the close feelings veterans have that served together. The yellow nose unit thing reminds...
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    M37 Update

    What does the yellow nose signify?????? I missed something here. ( at least you are not a brown noser :lol::lol:) John
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    Fuel Pump Help???

    Double acting pump. Top is gas, bottom is vacuum. Should have the cast label "in" by the hole in the bottom and top sides of the pump. Gas from tank goes to "in" on top, The "in" on the bottom should be connected to the wiper hose, the out of the bottom goes to the intake manifold. The out on...
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    Injector return line

    I know that there are ferrules with a flat side and taper on the other. Mine are tapered on both sides. The nut threads in fine all the way with my '71 Deuce. You must use a insert or the tubing gets crushed and turned sideways and cuts the tubing. I may have different fittings. Oil pressure...
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    Injector return line

    Thanks guys! Gene, I know both places in Rapid. Deuceman 51 says napa sells the black 1/4 inch brake DOT line that is supposed to be the oil/ fuel resistant type. The clear stuff is hard to find they say. The brand new hardware store piece is simply not going to make it. It swells and sags from...
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    Injector return line

    Where can I get the correct type 1/4 inch plastic return line that is compatable with diesel fuel. The stuff I used looked correct, but swells and softens with no. 2 fuel. I used ferrules, inserts and the old nuts, but the plastic is worrying me. Any leads appreciated, John
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    What are parts worth?

    Thought the same thing and watched engines sell on GL and they brought more than a truck and you still had to ship it. Hardtops, injector pumps, just watch on GL and you will get the idea. I aggree , several parts trucks are cheaper, but-------you would want to fix them all:beer: John
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    Why is taking 12v from one batt bad?

    I have two M37's that I run a 12 volt heater and small defroster off the first battery. Both trucks have a battery disconnect when not being used. I fuse all right at the battery. All is off when the disconnect is turned off. I've never looked back for 2 1/2 years, never charged the batteries...
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    New guy in Rapid City, SD

    Hello in Rapid! I live near Whitewood and have a A2, 4 Jeeps, 2 M37's. You just missed 13 or 15 A3's that were with GL at Camp Rapid up by Stevens High School!!!! They may bring in more, you never know. Gene in Custer has one as he said, so that would be your best connection. Look me up if you...
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    1951 m38

    Jeep in the Deuce, I have the same desire. I've heard of people getting used Highway guardrail, driving a car into them and storing the car on warehouse walls like on shelves or brackets. They lift them up and down with a capable forklift. How about two 12 foot chunks of guardrail as...
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    Shut off Deuce when Refueling, or let it run?

    If you fuel at a regular gas station, the rules say shut off the engine. I shut mine off. I can then hear any problems I wouldn't, if running, and when you go into pay, who knows how to start it to steal it? If it's running and somehow has a leak or problem slipping into gear, now what? You also...
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    Would you buy it?

    Mickey was a cat! That looks like a Slat to me!!!!! :beer: John
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    Broken Turbo Studs

    Mine had the nuts frozen just like yours. The fear of God that I would have what you now have made me heat the nuts cherry red and take them off carefully. Why is it always the hardest to get to, Murphy's law? As hard as it is to get to, my vote would be for the welded on nuts. Then heat the...
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    What type of Jeep is this?

    Add to your favorites. Lots of MBs and GPWs listed all over. Heck it's a trip to just surf there. John
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