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    Tall cargo cover

    Canada issued its M35s as the MLVW, and tall tarps like yours were standard. There are cargo and cage versions. The same tarp fits either one, and yes it is easier to stand inside. However, they were all standard dark green not camouflage.
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    What makes the Chrysler V8 different in a V100?

    Did you take stock 1960s engines, unmodified, or did you swap various parts onto the replacement blocks?
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    What makes the Chrysler V8 different in a V100?

    Folks, I haven't posted in a while but was reminded by the principle of the Cold War Collection group that he wants to source a spare powerpack for the V100 sn 10799. I mentioned that the Chrysler 361 is not the same as an automotive engine because it is reverse rotation. That got everyone's...
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    V100 on display in Wisconsin

    Folks, have a look at this example and tell me what's wrong. There are a half-dozen questions that immediately catch my eye.
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    tree vs. cucv m1008

    You've admitted to being emotionally attached, and politely I'd say that was your first mistake. You're using this as a truck, a spare vehicle in the yard, and as a learner for young drivers. It is doing exactly what you need. The whole CUCV family was intended to be repaired with off-the...
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    Cadillac Gage V100 and V150 transfer case

    Coming to the conversation late, but where in the sequence of production would this kind of eccentricity be introduced? The only place I can think is when the centre hole was bored.
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    hello from the netherlands

    (( I used Goofle Translate to understand better. My Dutch is as good as my Indonesian or Cree. In other words, nonexistent. )) Welcome and enjoy the conversations. And does anyone recognize a Benmar AP 3050?
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    WTB: Drivers seat for V100

    That URL is now a dead link, but his email looks like Terry
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    Possible source for dual use M151 parts

    I am only passing along likely correct information, which due to snow accumulation, cold and "stuff" in the way cannot be immediately verified. We just had a foot of new snow yesterday, and the snow shelter is further from the doors and driveway and therefore a lower shovelling priority. But...
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    Possible source for dual use M151 parts

    From another forum, its has been claimed that the M151 family engines were made by White as Hercules G1600 series. Furthermore, Caterpillar put a private label on their version, calling it at CTCAT 1404. It was installed in their forklifts and towmotors. The difference apparently is the head...
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    Looking for plastic early M3 Halftrack steering wheel

    Folks, the is working hard on its 1942 M3 Autocar halftrack. There are show dates this summer we want to meet. But .... the steering wheel is cracked and broken under the rust. The restoration policy is don't put bad parts back on. Where can we find a VG takeoff or...
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    Gun truck build questions

    How's it going? Sounds like a three-way balancing act in the making. Gun Truck, M901A1 and a new house.
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    Interior paint colour for V100?

    Ah! So nice and clean. But it will be more fun when you're putting parts back on.
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    Source found for Commando chevron tires

    Tires FWIW, this is the quote from a 1967 factory brochure. The chevrons are very similar to a farm tractor tires'. In fact a brand known as Mohawk Chiefs is a recognized substitute for the now-51 year old originals.
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    Tips On Importing Armor and other vehicles from Overseas...

    North America has quarantine rules to protect food and agriculture production. There is a well recognized vector of soil, bacteria, fungus, spore, insects, reptiles, critters, etc arriving in US and Canada and devastating some biological slot in the ecosystem because there are no native...
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    Interior paint colour for V100?

    Now, not to doubt anyone, but is there a period reference document for this? Statistically, this group may seem significant, but there were high hundreds of V100s delivered. (As one commentator messaged me, a lot of contemporary photographs were brightened by flashes or sunbleached.)
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    3 fire dpt M548s w/glamour shots

    Two things - I went to the link equipment provider's page. Why the 4" tubing exoskeleton on some vehicles? Do the operators expect to push down buildings or move trees? Secondly, the loan vs ownership dilemma is well known to Cadillac Gage V100 owners. The vehicles are wheeled, but are 1/4"...
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    Interior paint colour for V100?

    What would have been the factory colour for sn 10799, delivered March 1969? Green or white? It is apple green now, but has been through unk number of rebuilds in its life. Private conversation with another member here asserted by that date, green was specification. He referenced another...
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