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    The river has gone dry

    Just have to keep your eyes open and dont focus on the government auctions. I just bought 2 803a's (high hours of 4,000hrs), a 002a with 50 hours and a 003a with ASK (150 hours) all for $1,700 from an online farm equipment auction. Bought 3 006a's for under $1,500 a piece with less than 500...
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    Iv had a couple of generators where a wire came out of a connector on the relays. Especially on the side near the gauges. Seems they put the wires to tight and the movement of putting the gauge panel up and down will make them come loose. Just need to pull on the wires gently to see if they pull...
  3. J


    If no one has messed with it by changing wires around it should be a simple fix. There are plenty of people on here that want to help including me. Let us know exactly what is going on and if you have a multimeter we can help
  4. J

    Another No Voltage thread, MEP-003A

    Unfortunately, parts are getting harder to find. CVT1 is very common to fail. I wish someone could either start making a new transformer or reconfigure the output box with simpler electronics. I would first take off line 17 on your voltage regulator and start, if the set generates power that...
  5. J

    MEP004A injection problem Rosa Master

    This is why its shutting down because it thinks its out fuel. i would suggest fixing that before you destroy the whole thing.
  6. J

    MEP years

    1975 is the start year of the 00xa models I believe.
  7. J

    New to me MEP-803A with a charred ground

    Ive seen this on 2 sets before. It usually only affects that wire coming from the ground lug. on thing I can think of is someone hooking a hot wire to ground to cause a short. Noth cases I just ran a new wire from the ground lug to the ground at the starter.
  8. J

    First GovPlanet purchase and questions (MEP-803A)

    Dont get all hyped up on the 1040. You need to really look at one before you make the jump. They mounted the radiator directly behind the LCD brain and put an electric fan to cool the unit in the same area. I dont see these lasting as long as the 80x series. They also put the oil filter behind...
  9. J

    MEP-80XA fuel solenoid

    Made a mistake on how the k16 relay works. Power comes in on k16-4 from the k2 cranking relay. After I figured that out I tested continuity from tb4-6 where the k2 feeds and did not have continuity between the 2. So I took off J6 plug and found the issue. Look at number 36 plug. I cleaned it up...
  10. J

    MEP-80XA fuel solenoid

    Yes i did that too. I was thinking maybe the connector broke inside the housing but it had continuity between all the terminals and related connectors for the relay.
  11. J

    MEP-80XA fuel solenoid

    To start, I just got a 803a in that had the gen head and engine recently replaced. The top panels were removed when I picked it up. My problem is the fuel cutoff solenoid is not getting 24v to retract. It is getting 24v on the hold signal so I can turn s1 to prime/run and pull the solenoid back...
  12. J

    35kw GET HDT global generator help request

    Need to reach out to Poccur. He works for HDT and is very knowledgeable. He has helped me ALOT with several units.
  13. J

    MEP-802A GP Win

    Reason he couldnt start it is because the dead crank switch is in the off position. Flip it to normal and she should start. Also you can call electroswitch and purchase the knob and screw. Part#01040-3 for switch. Part#01016-9 for the screw
  14. J

    MEP-002A/003A Frequency Transducer Replacement

    It doesnt matter on the hookup of the LL
  15. J

    803a Oil Leak after new seal ?

    Its rare for them to leak but when they do, you have to get the new seal positioned exactly where the original seal was located. The crank will get paint and rust on the outside edge and if you don't recess it far enough the rust or paint will cut into the new seal. I learned after the 1st time...
  16. J

    Got a load bank from GL looking for a manual, or some help.

    I have one also. I love it. The only bad thing is, its heavy so it needs to be stationary or moved with equipment.
  17. J

    MEP-003A Blower Wheel -- Requesting Removal Advice

    Also use heat on the blower. Lots of heat but be careful because behind the blower is your stator for the DC voltage regulator. I hate pulling a blower!!!!
  18. J

    Mep-803a top cover off with questions

    I would for sure clean all that up, Guyfang gave you the answer. Dirty connections could have caused the shorting. Make sure you take the glowplugs out and check them because I've had them burn up and break. When they break they can get sucked into the intake and cause all kinds of engine problems.
  19. J

    Help with the S8 Reconnection switch, MEP-003A

    I believe the responses to this question revolve around the 80xa series reconnection switch. There is a thread going on the 800 series and also the plastic switch selector is on the 800 series. The 003a you can not take apart for my experience. You need to get the wd40 out of the switch. It will...
  20. J

    Just when you thought you've seen it all!

    Have to say never seen that before!
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