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    Willys F Motor Oil?

    I has several Willys jeeps when I was younger, always used 10W-40 in them. 10W-30 would work fine too. 0W-20 is too light (low viscosity) for any older engine, though I doubt any damage was done in 25 miles. The 0W-XX oils are for modern engines with very tight clearness. These are...
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    Whale oil

    That was a while ago, hehe,
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    CUCV Flexplate Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide

    Nice write up. You noted the top bell housing bolts are hard to get to, so you accessed from top, these can be challenging. I've found the easiest way to get at them is to use several extensions, two and a half feet or three feet worth, and get at bolts from further back reaching over...
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    Neat or other things you found when you purchased your truck

    There were a couple of nice tools in one of the 1031s I got, a big ball peen hammer, a good hacksaw, many packets of small fasteners, brake line bending tool, some other small items. They were all on a upper shelf, maybe the guy who cleaned truck out before sale was short & could not see them.
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    Speedometer & Fuel gauge troubleshooting

    Ground on sending unit usually cause of fuel gauge problems. A slightly kinked or un lubed speedometer cable could cause the speedo bounce. Try disconnecting at dash and spraying some light lube down cable housing. It could be the speedometer itself, but would check cable first.
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    Parasitic battery draw

    I'd try to find the draw, there is no reason for it to be there. Truck does not normally have any systems that take current when key is in off position. If you have an aftermarket stereo or something, sometimes they draw a bit. A common thing to cause draw is faulty alternator diode, but...
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    Is this load bank suitable?

    I use a 240V 30A heat element in a homebrew vessel for normal run exercise, makes hot water too!
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    Runaway Starter Question

    Three weeks ago I installed a new gear reduction starter I had sitting new on shelf in one of my CUCV work trucks. It was one of the cheap imports. It got stuck on after working for about a week. Fortunately, one of my employees in the truck had the presence of mind to take off battery...
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    Tooele Army Depot Warranty Sticker

    These are pictures of one of my CUCV engines, hope it helps.
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    MEP002a bosch psu vs ambac pump, how to ID? And conversion info

    Possibly, but I've had them both apart & I don't recall any difference. They certainly look the same from outside & are interchangeable, if different at all.
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    MEP002a bosch psu vs ambac pump, how to ID? And conversion info

    The bosch and ambec are the same, I think ambec is equivalent to American Bosch. There is a spendy listing for them on fleebay lately,, I got a rebuilt one from Delk's Surplus years ago, I think they still rebuild them.
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    The TMs. Why you should use them.

    I use the TM's only once in a while on CUCVs, but since already knew my way around a 6.2 diesels and any Chevy truck made from '60-86 before I ever got a CUCV, got admit I find TMs kind of cumbersome and hard to navigate compared w factory manual for the truck, military wiring excluded. It is...
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    MEP-002a DC draw

    Thanks for the replies, I thought about capacitor draw, but did not recall seeing a spark in the past. I'll check Guy's tests when this storm is over, but suspect everything is OK. House was on the 802 for a while this morning, with the 002 in ready reserve, over 10K customers just on this...
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    MEP-002a DC draw

    When I hook batteries up to the 002, there is a very slight spark when I connect the last battery cable. Never noticed this before, I'm thinking this is not normal, is it? Any ideas where to start looking for the problem? I can just leave batteris un hooked, but prefer it to be in optimal...
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    Source for fiber washers/insulators in alternator

    Still wonder why resistor was put there, must be for some reason, even if it is not needed. Radio noise suppression ( as in car radio) ? I know I've seen the resistors in civilian Delcos also.
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    Source for fiber washers/insulators in alternator

    I've worked on many of these alternators, and have seen them with and without resistors. This manual refers to them being in "some models." I would be interested in knowing resistor's function, I just put the alternators back together the way they were, resistor or no resistor. Usually...
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    M1009 Both Disks Seized....

    Flex line collapse is getting more common, used to be it only happened to older lines, but have had a relatively new one collapse recently, due to poor manufacture, I assume. Regarding the DOT 3 fluid, if there was any residual DOT 5 in system, this could cause piston seizure. I mixed them...
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    12v Glow Plug Issues; seeking advice.

    I've found that sometimes the relay will activate, and 12V will appear at bottom w volt meter, but due to pitted contacts in the relay, few amps are being transmitted. May not be that common, but with multiple trucks over many years, this has happened more than a few times. Frustratingly for...
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