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    CUCV in Alaska

    Shoot it right handed then shoot it left handed and then you can clap with your shoulder blades!:LOL:
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    Turned away from camp grounds??

    Many Oklahoman's don't see any humor in this.
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    CUCV in Alaska

    Kerosene is the same as number 1 diesel. It is a little bit lighter weight than number 2 diesel. It also has a slightly lower btu rating. Kerosene is also called coal oil and is used in coal oil lamps.
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    WTB 30mm ammo cans

    The ones I am looking for are 9.5" wide. I have several of the 40mm ones but needing some of the bigger ones for parts. Thanks everybody!
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    WTB 30mm ammo cans

    I am looking for some 30mm M592 ammo cans. I believe these are the largest metal ammo can made (18.5"L x 14.5"H x 9.5"W). These need to be fully waterproof. Anybody have any close to Oklahoma or coming thru OK with any? Thanks
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    I just don’t know, how do I get back to the original thread,

    Yeah I already had half a pot!
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    I just don’t know, how do I get back to the original thread,

    My watch button appears in the top right of the first post of the thread.
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    Possible wiper switch issue

    Dielectric grease is your friend on all these harness connections after cleaning them up real good!
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    M916a1 modified for daily use.

    Good job! Can you still install 5th wheel back on truck if needed?
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Do you know what hit you? Praying for speedy recovery!!
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    Artisan's M916

    Nothing like an understanding wife!!(y)
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    TH400 Issues, and more

    When you leave your vehicle any where things can happen. Employee needs a governor for his 400 tranny and this is an easy swap. Happens all the time anymore!
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    TH400 Issues, and more

    This is correct and be sure to make sure the weights are moving freely and not binding while the governor is out.
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    Cat 7155 in my M917....

    Yeah I got one of them too!
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    Cat 7155 in my M917....

    I might still have some of these shifters, but I will have to check.
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Welcome from Oklahoma. What vehicle are you spinning the wheel for?:)
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    Determinining which is in system Dot 3 or Dot5 empty master cylinder

    Where does the water come from in the bottom of the wheel cylinders below the bleeder screw if Dot 5 does not attract moisture?
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    Resurfacing Cylinder Head or Not To

    I would install heads in matched pairs only. Either purchase another NOS head or find another used head to go with your good one. If you resurface your old one and install the NOS one you are running slightly uneven compression ratio one each side. Even the way the valves set in the seats may be...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    What is the gvwr of that trailer???
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