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    speaking of doors

    With all these mods, why hasn't anyone done gullwing or lambo doors on their humvee? :shock:
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    TM page

    ATTN:ADMINS The description for TM 9-2320-335-13&P is incorrect. It is for the "REV" HMMWV, not the "ECV". These are very different models. It isn't a big deal, but still not correct.
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    Brake Rotor Removal

    I couldn't get the LF rotor out from the bottom. I removed a couple things to try and get it out the side. It still will not come out. What am I missing? And, no, I don't know what an index, glossary, or table of contents are....
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    I am surprised no one has made an intermittent wiper switch yet.
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    HMMWV rusty frame rails

    Have all of you folks checked the inside of the frame rails for rusting out? I don't think I have read anything about this. That was a known problem long ago, especially for those that went through salt water. Water goes in front of rail and doesn't come out the back...I was curious if GP has...
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    This comes from reading another thread.... Why do you guys choose to use regular oil suck as 10w30 or 10w40 etc. as opposed to the 30 weight oil called for in the manual? the 30 weight is made for diesels, isn't it? That is what it states on the Rotella T1.
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    funny story

    So, I was in AutoZone getting an alternator checked out. I hear a guy in a NAVY shirt say the word HUMMER. I wasn't in my HMMWV. I asked if he mention Hummer. guy "yes." me "which one" guy "H2. what else is there?" me "H1" he was like "oh yeah", then looked sad and walked out the store. :)
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    Who was that in Cape Coral?

    Anyone here that passed me near Target on Pine Island Rd yesterday evening? License plate in center of tailgate. These do look cool going down the road. I am usually driving mine, so I can't see it on the road. I wasn't in my Humvee, though.
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    Big Fan

    This was taken a few years ago but shows what the bigger fans look like on the newest Humvees.... That is also the clutch that someone was asking about in another post.
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    Cooling question for experts

    After seeing some pics on here, I gots to thinkin. If someone installs a snout but doesn't use the pieces behind it to seal off the large openings...will engine cooling be affected much from airflow being less through the cooling stack? It seems like a lot of air coming in through the grill...
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