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    75w90 Gear oil

    Just a little advise. I'm going to open up the differentials and do a fluid change this weekend. Called around and priced some oil and wonder if anyone has any experience with the Masterpro which I guess is the O'reillys brand. I'm asking because I can get 5 Gallon buckets for $129.00 and the...
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    Hex bushing for rear gladhands

    Has anyone had to source these? 3/4” MIP x 3/8” FIP hex bushing? Everyone of these I have found are not long enough to fit through the rear bumper on my M1088? Any help finding two of them would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Electrical voltage

    Hey guys. Before I ask, i'll let you know that I have read through the threads and have followed as many directions as possible. As of last week I have been experiencing some voltage irregularities in my M1088. I have 14 and 28 volts at the alternator, I have 13 and 27 at the lugs on the...
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    Heres another question that shows my ignorance for everything automotive.

    Soooo. I bought a 5000 watt inverter to run off of the truck batteries. I switched over to 4, Exide 31XPD batteries. Can i just wire in 2 more 31xpd batteries onto the 12 volt string to add more reserve capacity when the truck is not running? There is plenty of room in the battery box?
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    7 pin round wiring diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 7 round pins? My M1088 was missing the plug, someone cut the wires? I bought a pollak 11720 and would like to splice the wires on the correct pins. Thanks in advance.
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    Flashing center running light.

    Hey guys. The center running light above the windshield is flashing. It's a repetitive pattern and it's the only light flashing. what does this mean, I'm guessing that I put something back together wrong?
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    LMTV Switch Sense power tap?

    Hey everyone. Just finished my overhead counsel. I pulled off the studs on the PDP for power, but I need to pull power for the ignition wire for the cameras and Radio. Does anyone have an example of where they tapped for switch sense power? I ran the power for the automatic door locks, power...
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    props to Suprman

    not sure if this is how you do this. Ordered a new Haldex Air Dryer from Superman on Monday and it was on my door this afternoon. Thanks you very much, looking forward to future parts.
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    Front parking light lens for M1088

    Looking for a source or if anyone has lens PAOZZ 5A910 11639538-2 that I can buy. Its the amber lens on a front cast aluminum parking light. I would two NOS or in good condition if possible, one for sure though. Thank you.
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    Brake light wiring

    Hey Everyone. I have looked through the TM's, might not have looked the right places? I'm putting new cheapie LED Stop/Turn/tail lights behind the bed I'm building for my M1088. Those cheap LEDS will be in boxes that will Illuminate some Red tinted Lexan that will be mounted on the rear of...
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    Jobsite Assault Vehicle

    So I bought three M1088's about 6 months or so ago and after a stint with Colon Cancer I'm back converting them into a work truck and two promotional vehicles. Its going to take awhile because i'm still using a walker to get around and trying to use the house shop so people stop trying to tell...
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    Replacement screen for warning light cluster

    Hey everyone. I have my dash apart checking everything out and getting it ready for paint. The dash cluster with the warning lights above the Spedo in my m1088 has a faded and worn screen.does anyone have a source for a new one Could the current screen be cleaned? Also, I would like to Clean...
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    What is this?

    I just got the new M1088 in on Thursday and have torn out the interior and am getting ready to put a new interior together. I'm clueless on what the "plug" mounted on the back of the cab is. The plug is mounted in the middle of the back of the cab about 15" from the roof. The wire runs along...
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    Window tinting?

    I have been told by my local window tint installer that the windows ( accept the operable driver and passenger window ) need to be removed before they can warranty the window tint job. The installer claims that "tucking" window tint behind the window seals will not let the water escape during...
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    difference between M1088 and M1083

    Hey everyone. I hope i am not asking a repetitive question, but i have searched the site and other sites and still need to know the difference between the two. The M1088 has a towed load rating of 60k and the M1083 has a towed load rating of 21k. Obviously a putting the weight over the axles...
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    Thank you Steel Soldiers

    Made a deal today for m35 Adam's M1088 that he posted today. Just so happens that he lives just outside Gatlinberg TN and my family and I were headed to my cabin in Gatlinberg for a Weekend Vacation. 6 hours after leaving Missouri we shook and made the deal. The truck lived up to all my...
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