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    Hanco/Southwest Products Drash Trailer

    Well, today i unintentional won 2 of the Hanco Drash Trailers. Was hoping just to get one, but got them both. Hopefully will be picking them up just before Christmas next week. I hope that i might be able to get a good one made out of the 2. But here's a question to anyone who has transported...
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    My new M1102 chassis trailer

    Well, I finally got a M1102 chassis trailer off of GP site last week. Have to admit that this trailer is stout. Hopefully when I get back home from work (around Xmas), I'll try to get it lowered and put some Chevy/Dodge 16" wheels on it. Had to go pick it up out of the Albany GP yard. The...
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    Alternative AVR for MEP-803a

    After a lot of of head scratching and research, I've found a suitable replace for the stock AVR the 803a comes with. Here was the issue with mine when i got it...after i got it and got it to fire up, the voltage on the output terminals was on the low side. I did follow the TM to trace down...
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    MEP-803A Control Panel Dimensions

    Does anybody know or have the exact dimensions for the MEP-803A Control Panel? I need the dimensions for a project I'm working on for mine. Specifically the WxL, thickness,and hole locations in the panel. I've looked for them everywhere,but still cant find what I'm looking for. If anyone can get...
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    New Owner of a MEP-803A

    Long time lurker/researcher of this site. But i finally have something to post for a change. Last time home I finally won my MEP-803a off of GL website. Luckly enough it was at the Albany,GA MCLB...and i only live 1.5 hr from it. Its a 1998 model that was put in storage back in 2009 according to...
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