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  1. jcappeljr

    Appels m916a2 hooklift truck

    I bought a m916a2 from Bruce Kubu,I removed the winch and added a hooklift.It will be used in my excavating and roll off dumpster business.Great truck for what I need.
  2. jcappeljr

    m916a2 air drier blowing out air ??

    I was working fine till I melted a couple air lines torching bolts off.Fixed the lines now its blowing air out of the bottom of drier...Any ideas.
  3. jcappeljr

    M916a1/a2 hyd.pump specs ???

    M916a1/a2 hyd.pump specs ??? Does anyone know what the gpm or pressure is on these trucks.I looked thru the owners manual could not find anything.I need to know if it will work for my Stellar hooklift.thanks..
  4. jcappeljr

    1200r20 tires on a m916a2 ????

    I came across 12 new 1200r20 tires from a stryker.Trying to figure the best way to mount them on my freightliner m916a2.Any good ideas,I guess single it out with 5 ton combat rims.I was hoping to run duals on the back.cant figure how to do that .don't want to put tubes in tubeless tires.
  5. jcappeljr

    Freightliner M916a1 frame length behind cab ?

    Does anyone know what the frame length is from end of frame to back of cab.thanks.I plan on removing the winch.
  6. jcappeljr

    R.I.P.--ATANKERSDAD--Dudley Taylor

    (Chaplain's UPDATE: Our Brother Dudley Taylor has passed away. See Post #22 for this thread's conversion from "prayers needed") Atankersdad {Dudley Taylor] needs our prayers.I just got a call from his son,Matt.he said Dudley went in for knee surgery on Friday,and now he is on life...
  7. jcappeljr

    1984 6x6 international transfer case question

    1984 6x6 international transfer case question,I just bought a 1984 International s1900 6x6 tanker truck.When I got it home,I discovered the front driveshaft and transfer case were removed.Its a running,driving truck.It looks like when the tanker was installed they removed the transfer case to...
  8. jcappeljr

    Need assistance on a truck I am buying in Jackson,Miss.

    Need assistance on a truck I am buying in Jackson,Miss.I am buying a truck in Jackson ,Miss.Can anyone look at the truck and make sure its for real.I am wiring the money today,Might need it picked up and stored for a few days,till I get a trucker.I will pay someone for there time,John...
  9. jcappeljr

    HMMWV no lights at all ???

    My m998 that I got from Govplanet has no lights anywhere,I replaced the headlight switch with 4 other switches,and replaced the turn signal switch.Does anyone know what wire is the supply wire to the switch ?Also the is 1 wire coming out of the headlight switch harness that is cut,but I cant...
  10. jcappeljr

    Appels Bobbed M932/930 dump truck

    I started with a m932a2,which had 2 bad rears.So since I had replace them.I chose a A1 rear to put in there place.I don't care for the CTIS or the rear hub design on the A2 rears.Then I had a nice dump bed from a m929 I put on it.It makes a real nice 4x4 dump.I still have a couple things to...
  11. jcappeljr

    M930 dump hyd. pics needed.

    M930 dump hyd. pics needed,I have a m932a2 that I put a bed from a m929a1 on.I need pics of how the hyd. lines and controls are hooked up under the truck on a m930.including the winch.I have all the hyds and controls from the m929.thanks.
  12. jcappeljr

    M1088 question ??

    I have a question.Is the m1088 tractor consider to be in the 5 ton class ? I have owned over 300-2.5 and 5 ton trucks.This is my first FMTV style truck.It sure looks light duty next to the M939 series trucks.I am anxious to get to know it better.All in good time.
  13. jcappeljr

    m929 dump.engine lock up ???

    m929 dump.engine lock up ??? I have a m929 dump that was running fine.When all the sudden. I started it up cold today,After it ran a few minutes,I put id in gear and the engine locked up...Now it wont turn over it just clicks...Engine or trans ?????
  14. jcappeljr

    Appels 6x6 Oshkosh plow truck

    Not a military truck,Hopefully this is the right section to post this.I just bought this truck from a Mass.airport.They used to plow snow with it,then they put the fifth wheel on it to pull a snow melter.I am going to put a 13' or 14' dump bed on it and a power angle plow.They removed the hyds...
  15. jcappeljr

    M919 dump/plow truck

    This is a truck I just bought from a township.It is a M919,someone put a 8 speed fuller in it.And put the 17' aluminum dump on it.It is plumbed for a salt spreader and angle plow.whoever did the conversion did a great job.The truck is in good shape.It is for sale.Listed in the classifieds.
  16. jcappeljr

    JATonka. Broke down in Pa.

    John just called me he off of I-81 in Pine Grove,Pa. He is too far away for me to help.He has a freeze plug problem.His cell # is 518-424-8455
  17. jcappeljr

    m923 hydroseeder truck

    My oldest son just put this hydroseeding truck together for his business.It looks awesome,he did a great job...Heres a few pics.
  18. jcappeljr

    mk48 night mare

    My mk48 arrived today,after the trucker unloaded it.I drove it about a quarter mile to my driveway,about 200 feet up my driveway it jumped out of rear.I drifted back down the hill and checked all the switches and transfer case lever.It made a loud grinding noise when put in forward gear,it...
  19. jcappeljr

    MK/18 hookloader compatibility ?

    MK/18 hookloader compatibility ? I have a couple hook lift trucks,that I haul dumpsters with.Does anyone know if the mk/18a1 hookloader will work on civilian cans.My dumpsters have a 62" hook heigth.I am looking to buy a mk/48-mk/18.thanks,john 410-808-5227
  20. jcappeljr

    Broken glow removal,Any advice ??

    I am replacing glow plugs in another hmmwv I bought.I have a glow plug removal tool,I got all the glow plugs out.But the last on on the drivers side,all the way back near the firewall broke off after it came unscrewed.Its swelled up and wont come out.I removed the injector but still cant get...
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