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  1. stuinnh


    Thanx all! Rick was just away for the holidays.
  2. stuinnh

    First Post- Smoked under hood-electrical issues- CUCV pickup

    Hi GP's are 12v. There is a resister that drops voltage from 24v to 12v to supply GP's. It is mounted on firewall behind engine. I bypassed the GP relay and put a button on the dash wired to solenoid and fired them manually. 10-15 seconds on button and it will fire right up. I moved power...
  3. stuinnh


    Anyone know where I can get MP signs for front and back of my M151A1? And vehicle stencils sets. Can't get answer from Rick.
  4. stuinnh

    Using M151A2 fuel pickup tube on 151A1 fuel tank

    Is there any problem using the pickup tube assembly from A2 on A1?
  5. stuinnh

    Source for axe handle brackets, shovel bracket?

    I need to replace metal below doors on both sides in my M151A1.
  6. stuinnh

    Source for axe handle brackets, shovel bracket?

    Anyone know of a source for replacements?
  7. stuinnh

    Where did forums for vehicles go?

    All I get is TM forum.
  8. stuinnh

    M151A1 tach and dwell meter

    Hi All! Anyone recommend a tach/dwell meter that is easy to use?
  9. stuinnh

    Hard starting CUCV's

    Sounds like glow plugs. All plugs working? Solenoid triggering? Still 24v? Check valve doesn't help. I converted one of my CUCVs to manual button for glow plugs. 10 seconds summer, 15 seconds winter. One was converted to 12v by local FD. Couldn't get started when they needed it. They...
  10. stuinnh

    After action report, new carburetor from Brooks engine service

    where can I Find Brooks info?
  11. stuinnh

    Fuel pressure regulator/check valve Pt number and source? has them. Was around $25 for two I believe. I did the check valve, rebuilt injector pump, replaced fuel pump, and replaced fuel filter base. Only solved with new fuel pressure switch. It worked great even in dead of winter even if I parked on hill. Good Luck!
  12. stuinnh

    M151 Horn beeps by itself

    Hi all! My mutt's horn goes off without me touching it. Goes off when turning or changing gears then stops. This just started happening. Any ideas why and how to fix it?
  13. stuinnh

    Xtra's for M1008 & M1009

    Hi all! If converting to 12v, take the wire off the end of the resister and swing it around and it is the perfect length to reach the 12v connection block nearby. Even if not converting, much better supply of 12v to glow plugs. If you want your seat to recline (1009) any of the better model...
  14. stuinnh

    First m1008

    If you have the original fuel filter (Stanadyne 80) you may need a new fuel pressure switch behind filter in base. They could be leaking fuel or not. They become cracked (plastic) and make for hard starting even on warm days. $15 part only on M1008 not civy model.
  15. stuinnh

    CUCV Radiator Replacement part

    Hi All! Anyone used an all aluminum radiator in a M1008? Will it work? choices?
  16. stuinnh

    Fuel Pressure Switch and Hard Starting CUCV

    Glad I could help.
  17. stuinnh

    Fuel Pressure Switch and Hard Starting CUCV

    In my M1008, the fire dept. put new filter system in. Sold it off because they couldn't start it most of the time. When I received it, it was converted to 12v. But, it was still wired to resister before going to glow plugs. Easy fix, runs great for 8 years now.
  18. stuinnh

    Fuel Pressure Switch and Hard Starting CUCV

    Let me know how it works out. Stu
  19. stuinnh

    Do I really want a M1009? (MPG)

    Rust, Rust and more Rust. It is your enemy! Watch out for rust around rear wheel wells. It takes over very quick if you don't stay on top of it. If your truck still has it's rubber floor covering. Remove it. Military was supposed to remove it. Traps water and can rust your floors out...
  20. stuinnh

    CUCV Tailgate ladder

    Hi All! FYI: The boarding ladder used on M37's works great on the M1008, with the tailgate up or down. Perfect if you have troop seats.
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