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    Deuce cargo top bows

    Thanks for your reply. I saw metal bows for 800 series trucks advertised on here in an older post. I would rather have metal ones if they exist for the Deuce. One is broken on the truck I'm buying, and all are aged wood.
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    Deuce cargo top bows

    I'm looking for the metal bows that go across the top of the cargo bed on an M35A2. Thanks in advance.
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    Members in N Alabama?

    So far I haven't had any replies to the p.m's I sent. I guess that was kind of an odd request. Thanks for the response to my post anyway.
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    Members in N Alabama?

    I'm fairly new here, working towards getting my first deuce. I want to know if anyone in my area has one that I could come and take a look at. I'd love to see one up close, and maybe get some hands on experience. Thanks, yall.
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    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    I don't know of one, but will keep my eyes open. Good luck on your search.
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    MV of the year 2019

    Maybe I read it wrong, but I only see 11 choices on the ballot. 155mm seems to be missing.
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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    IN, thanks and happy new year everyone!
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    Saving the M49A2C

    That's a great looking truck. Congratulations
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