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    How to remove dogbones effortlessly.

    Just want to say thanks for the videos. Always learn something interesting. Edit: Could you post a link or part # for the torque rod ends you used?
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    M35a2 idling funny

    I had the same issue once and couldn't figure out what it was either. Just seemed to go away on its own. Maybe air trapped somewhere?
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    Building a Long bed bobber

    Yeah would be nice to see some pictures of how its done. I havent been able to find any.
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    Airpak rebuild

    If I remember right most of those fittings seal with a copper crush-washer so you shouldn't put anything on the threads. They're not the sealing surface. Just get a new washer, clean the threads, and it should seal. If there are NPT threads then I like some teflon tape and some paste smeared...
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    Air O Matic steering

    There aren't that many of these trucks on the road to make it worth it. Going to be hard to get any parts at all in a few years.
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    Rounded Eccentric 1/2" Adjuster

    When they get rusty they're hard as **** to get out. I think I soaked mine in PB blaster, heated, and beat on them over a couple of weekends before I got them all out. If you're doing the brakes you definitely want to get them out of there and clean up the rust or you're going to have a **** of...
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    Axle Boots measurements

    Look forward to seeing the test results!
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    Aftermarket mirror mount assemblies

    I seem to remember someone bending replacement WC mirror brackets out of conduit. Unfortunately I dont see anyone making a fancier replacement now that the number of these trucks on the road is dropping and there are no more coming from auctions. EDIT Ive actually been thinking that a 360...
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    First step - cab rebuild

    Looks like a very interesting project. Im sitting on a brand new cab that im also hoping to mod a bit before it goes on the truck. Mainly a DIY hardtop and roof rack. Hope you post some progress pics.
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    Tom's Overdrive kit

    Well that's disappointing. I was just trying to figure out how to fit one into the budget. EDIT: I guess it's part of a pattern. The way the traffic on this forum has dropped off it's making me worried that in a few years there won't be much of a community left and these trucks will end up...
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    Some brake questions

    My rule of thumb is to tighten until it quits leaking, take it around the block and tighten again if any are moist. Never had a problem. EDIT: This is assuming you have a good flare on the end of the tubing and the surface on the cylinder isn't messed up. A bad flare won't tighten no matter how...
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    Some brake questions

    You can measure and have the shop give you straight sections of pre-flared brake line and then bend them yourself. The typical brake flaring kits they sell for a few $ at the parts stores are kind of a hassle to use and hard to get a straight flare IMO. I bought a professional hydraulic tool...
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    Some brake questions

    That's probably too small. Stock is 5/16 on the frame and 1/4 down to the cylinders.
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    Some brake questions

    You might want to think about using the copper-nickel brake lines. Will never rust and easy to bend by hand. I'm not talking about regular copper tubing you find at home depot either. They make special copper tubing just for brake lines.
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    Idle surge problem, tech advice requested

    I had a similar issue when I first got my truck and it quit doing it after I swapped to spin on fuel filters (primary and secondary both). So I'd start there.
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    Good price for later style M35a2 Wiring Harness? 11677081

    For that kind of money it's probably better to just buy a bunch of wire and some good deutsch connectors/tools and wire the thing yourself. It's not like these trucks have a whole lot of wiring to worry about anyway and you'll have brand new wiring and modern connectors instead of stuff that's...
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    deuce parts

    That list deserves its own sticky. Very comprehensive.
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    Hydro-Max Brake Assist *pics added* (long read)

    Definitely post it up. Always good to have more info.
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    Dual Circuit Brake Engineering Thread

    Yeah not a lot out there for those sizes. Only options I see are inverted to AN and back to inverted or something custom made.
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    DIY Water Injection System

    Awesome work. Looking forward to a road test video.
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