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  1. anthony3478

    electric winch for deuce

    Just wondering if anyone is using an electric winch on their Deuce??
  2. anthony3478

    Plastic injector fuel return line specifications?

    I used DOT airhose from NAPA works fine
  3. anthony3478

    Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the site!!
  4. anthony3478

    New member from NC

    Welcome Matthew!!!
  5. anthony3478

    Got my new deuce home

    congrats!! plenty of parts out there, just needs some TLC, you will love it
  6. anthony3478

    Engine stop cable broke!!

    my T handle pulled off also, so I drilled a small hole through the handle and through the square part of the cable that comes through the dash and tapped in a roll pin, its still attached.
  7. anthony3478

    Engine Questions

    Item #2 is a cold start cylinder mount, it looks like a propane bottle in shape and size
  8. anthony3478

    Holy cow I won one!

    Congrats!! Now the wait for the EUC!! Goodluck!!
  9. anthony3478

    Removing GL's markings from paint

    I used a water based degreaser called purple power and a green scotch brite pad, worked great for me
  10. anthony3478

    HEMTT Wheel Adapter Plate Project

    Looks great, let me know when you can get some into full production, Id like to have some
  11. anthony3478

    Look at what fell off the back of a truck

    Congrats thats a great looking truck!!!!
  12. anthony3478

    Anyone else own the same vehicle they had in the military.

    I saw several m109s that I drove back when I was in the National Guard, in April when I previewed my m35a2 at Redstone
  13. anthony3478

    My NEW 1967 M35A2

    Great looking truck, welcome to the site
  14. anthony3478

    Mew m35 Owner.

    good looking truck, welcome!!
  15. anthony3478

    vic-1 parts list

    ok Im thinking about installing a VIC-1 system in my Deuce, I see seperate parts on Ebay and other places but I was wondering does anyone have a parts list for what I would need to build a complete system?
  16. anthony3478

    Fuel line replacement Material

    DOT airline from Napa worked great on mine, I just added a piece of scrap rubber hose over it as a bushing so it would not rub a hole in certin spots
  17. anthony3478

    type of tags?

    Hey guys just want to know what kind of tags you all are running on your Deuce, Im in Alabama and dont really know what I want to run for tags yet, i.e. FARM, Vintage, commerical??
  18. anthony3478

    Grease...Green Grease

    Hey I sell green grease, lucas, valvoline, etc, etc at work I sell more lucas HD and lucas red to guys for construction equiptment, mostly everyone just wants a good name brand I think
  19. anthony3478

    Some pics of my Deuce

    Goodlooking deuce, congrats
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