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  1. jeffhuey1n

    B-52 Turns 60

    As a foul mouthed Marine, I am constantly catching myself dropping every known filthy word in the English language. It’s helped me out a couple times and got a bit of trouble in others. I worked on a crashed Canadian Helicopter in front of a very large airshow audience. There were moments of...
  2. jeffhuey1n

    B-52 Turns 60

    I’m a 100% disabled wreck. I’ve built a Gun Truck, maintain 2 M35’s, an M1009, M37, and others. I’m currently refurbing a G506. The thing is, it all starts with one bolt and one wrench. 7+ years on the War Wagon and I’m still tweaking it. It takes me between 2 and 3 days to change a tire. I’m a...
  3. jeffhuey1n

    B-52 Turns 60

    She’s an old one that’s for sure. Another oldie but goody is the venerable UH-1. Updated, upgraded, and rebuilt more times than are fully imagined, still flying after 63 years. And them old warhorses will be still in the air at least for another 10 years. Now if I could only find one to restore...
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