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  1. Tanner

    New of today..with questions about the M37 and engine swaps

    Sub-2500 rpm at the transfer case is safe limit to reduce overheating - Tanner
  2. Tanner

    What are some of the most practical V8 conversions for the M37?

    A GM 6.2 or 6.5 with a Deuce 3053A Spicer trans - Tanner
  3. Tanner

    20 Inch rims for a m37

    Try Charles Talbert at M-Series Rebuild -
  4. Tanner

    M37 fuel tank.........a thought

    ...the S10 fuel tank swap is still a really cheap & easy way to go. LMC offers new S10 Blazer 20 gallon tank for $99.95 + shipping - The swap...
  5. Tanner

    Fuel Injection for the 230?

    I commented on same post in 2010... Squatch hasn't posted any results since that I have searched for. This type of mileage would be shouted from the rooftops if more than one person achieved same results. I'd question speedo accuracy in relation to posted MPG results after Final drive regearing...
  6. Tanner

    Fuel Injection for the 230?

    The Bosch CIS/'K-Jet' mechanical injection won't work on the 230 due to Siamese'd intake ports on Dodge manifold - You'd need 1 injector per cylinder. Likewise, the EFI system from a Jeep 4.0 straight-6 engine won't adapt, as it also is a 6-port/6 injector setup. And a 'tuned Weber' will never...
  7. Tanner

    Auction/eBay/CL Posting Policy-MUST READ

    So - from reading this, it would appear that it's better to not mention sales, auctions, or anything at all pertaining to the transaction of greenbacks for tangible physical property. 'Tanner'
  8. Tanner

    GL & HUMMVe

    ... so, buy a civvy Hummer H1 & some camo paint. There! I fixed it - ;-) 'Tanner'
  9. Tanner

    Choosing The Right Dana 60 and 14 Bolt GM For Your Swap

    So - you performed the swap without resorting to narrowing the axles/housings?
  10. Tanner

    Choosing The Right Dana 60 and 14 Bolt GM For Your Swap

    Here's another builder's Dana install - • View topic - Rebuild progress (5/26/09 PG. 7) Or info from another installer... - - Is this second truck article by chance nattieleather's project truck that is running '79 Dodge W200 axles? 'Tanner'
  11. Tanner

    Choosing The Right Dana 60 and 14 Bolt GM For Your Swap

    Cos: The rims in picture of M37 are too narrow for the engineered design of the tires being used. Sure, you can make the tire squeeze onto the rim & have the sidewalls pulled in, but you end up crowning the tire & wearing out the center of the tread when aired up to proper use for highway...
  12. Tanner

    Modified M35/M37 Windshields

    1-Piece windshield Contact DAP here on the SS forum - he has a '37 with a 1-piece windshield. His was locally made, as I recall from speaking with him & seeing his truck. Glass shop up near Charlotte, NC area(?) cut his glass for him. I believe that his frame was a modified M37 stock...
  13. Tanner

    M37 Greek Harness questions

    The Greek harness is 'correct' for the M37's used in Grecian armed forces... 'Tanner'
  14. Tanner

    Humvee Tires

    OP - there are a number of non-Gov Liquidation sources available for rims & treads... Search can be your friend. Welcome on SS - 'Tanner'
  15. Tanner

    M37 Greek Harness questions

    Brent Mullins didn't have any decent Greek harnesses left when I last checked 3 months ago. 'Tanner'
  16. Tanner

    Choosing The Right Dana 60 and 14 Bolt GM For Your Swap

    I see that you still haven't simply bought a CUCV, or mounted the M37 cab/bed on a CUCV frame? :) Where are you measuring to get track width? From drum mounting face to drum mounting face? Ahem.... - wheels are too narrow for the tires, but...
  17. Tanner

    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    The HOA is most likely using the definition of 'truck' as based on MD DMV or city/town ordnance interpretations. My wager is that the 29 October hearing will result in something that the OP won't be interested in hearing. 'Tanner'
  18. Tanner

    M37 Restoration - Newbie Attempt

    The 318 was a runner, correct? Why tear it down? 'Tanner'
  19. Tanner

    Should I change the transmission fluid?

  20. Tanner

    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    Folks - you miss the point to the HOA determination of what constitutes a 'truck' - the rules/regulations within the HOA agreement are written vague SPECIFICALLY so that the HOA head membership can determine what stays & what goes. Most ALL regulations like this are vaguely written by sleazy...
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