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  1. augiedoggy

    Official 2012 Haspin Rally Multimedia Thread

    Here it is folks! Post those pics and videos Thanks for another great rally! :popcorn:
  2. augiedoggy

    2011 Haspin Micro Rally ???

    Would any members be up for a Haspin micro rally either August 27 or Sept 3 Those dates are saturdays. For me a one day - all day thing would be best, but ya'll could do as you please! What'd ya think???? 212sparky? Gimp? jsriolo? bugwug? sevin7 pegasus? davey? who's in? :driver::beer:
  3. augiedoggy

    Nhc250 valve injector overhead adjusting

    NHC250 VALVE INJECTOR OVERHEAD ADJUSTING Many of my fellow Haspin rally attendees know that my M818 was quite smokey and running a little rough. So, after killing lots of bugs and sending a few prius drivers in the other direction, I decided it was time to address the problem. Mostly black...
  4. augiedoggy

    M818 3 color camo, does this look right?

    So I'm doing my first 3 color camo, trying to follow TM paint by number,and standing there looking at it......and.......well do you see what I see? WOOF!!
  5. augiedoggy

    Nhc250 fuel injector S-O-S !!

    Hello to all, my 72 M818 (w/nhc-250) is in need of one injector rebuild or replace. Easy enough, take it to our local diesel specialty shop, but they can't find any info for it. A quick call to the cummins guru,Will Wagner, and he tells me where to find the fuel pump #s to give repair shop...
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