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  1. anthony3478

    electric winch for deuce

    Just wondering if anyone is using an electric winch on their Deuce??
  2. anthony3478

    vic-1 parts list

    ok Im thinking about installing a VIC-1 system in my Deuce, I see seperate parts on Ebay and other places but I was wondering does anyone have a parts list for what I would need to build a complete system?
  3. anthony3478

    type of tags?

    Hey guys just want to know what kind of tags you all are running on your Deuce, Im in Alabama and dont really know what I want to run for tags yet, i.e. FARM, Vintage, commerical??
  4. anthony3478

    Deuce Air Supply

    Ok how many has used the air supply on your truch to run airtools, Im wondering if I can use an impact to remove wheels via this method???:roll:
  5. anthony3478

    1970 ??? m35a2

    ok Carnac ID it a 1970 by the VIN, but there is no, I mean no manufacturer name anywhere, so can anyone help me? GL sold it as an AM General but I just dont know.:?::?::?:
  6. anthony3478

    rear axle leak advice

    I have a gear oild leak on one wheel, my problem I need to drive the truck about 40miles round trip on Monday, if I top it off with gear oil will the bearings, etc be ok I really dont want a seized hub because of washed out bearings:idea:s
  7. anthony3478

    Leaking Deuce

    ok guys I have a gear oil leak that is running between the inner and outer wheels on the center axle, left side, where, and what is leaking before I tear into it?Noticed it yesterday while bleeding my air tanks down, the tire was wet in spots and it looked like it slung it on the tire while...
  8. anthony3478

    What kind of Tags?????

    Ok Alabama folks what kind of tag are you using on your Deuce? Im thinking about trying to get the Farm tag, just want to know what you guys are using
  9. anthony3478

    Alabama tag info

    Ok I recovered my m35 Monday, my question is do I need a sf-97 to get a tag, or just a bill of sale I received from GL, Alabama doesnt require a title for pre 74 vehicles, also there is no year on my bill of sale, so what do I tell the DMV
  10. anthony3478

    Redstone recovery complete

    Well I made it back, let me tell ya, driving a deuce for 3 hours is a workout!! I want to thank my loving wife Amy for driving her car as a support vehicle, and Thanks to Wreckerman893 for calling me back even though I figured it out just as he did call me . I dont think Ill get the "...
  11. anthony3478

    deuce recovery

    Ok guys I had planed to recover my deuce tommorow but Ill have to wait , no appointments avaliable til Monday the 13th wish keep me in your prayers and wish me luck, Ive only have to drive it from Redstone, back to Birmingham.
  12. anthony3478

    Export Letter today

    Well guys I received my export notice from DLA to day so I hope it won't be to much longer til my EUC is approved, I hope!!!
  13. anthony3478

    EUC sent to Battle Creek

    Won on a m35 at Redstone, My EUC was sent to Battlecreek today, just a waiting game now
  14. anthony3478

    normal or not???

    ok guys Im looking a a few m35a2's when I engage the front axle, and then disengage it I get a "pish" sound at the switch, is this normal, also I get the same sound different location when I let off the brake.:?:
  15. anthony3478

    mileage life???

    Ok so whats the expected life, I guess mileage wise for an m35a2? Im looking at a few with between 40k an 50k miles
  16. anthony3478

    m35a2 air warning buzzer

    Looked a a m35a2 today, just wondering once you have started the truck whats normal time til the buzzer stops sounding?
  17. anthony3478

    getting a m35a2 home

    Ok Im looking to bid on a m35a2 toward the end of the month, If I win and the truck is drivable, will GL let you drive it or does it have to be hauled off, also can anyone recomend anyone in the Redstone,Alabama area that can get it back to Birmingham, if it has to be hauled?
  18. anthony3478

    m35a2 prices?

    Ok Im new at this but Im looking at an m35a2 on GL, there are several lots in this location, some trucks are bidding at 1k or more some are 5to 7 hundred range,isthis normal, or is it possable that some of the trucks have been inspected by bidders and the lower priced ones are junk?
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